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Is this the second coming of Ghost Stories?
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>yeah that's great
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JoJo thread

>Episode 32 CM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hKZ4Eu9AVE
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fuck this overrated meme.
why don't you stop going on these threads autist?
>The stylish imagery from Cha and the actual great animation and detail from Shin Hyung Woo + a bunch of competent Nips
Where were you when Enigma, Cheap Trick and Superfly all got featured in 1 episode?

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>149341294
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Don't be that guy.
It'll happen if you continue to only read and watch stuff with cute girls in them.
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Meanwhile, in today's kanji practice...
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Spoiler pics are out. More Baba suffering
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So was it really Sinbad or misunderstanding?

Post Lewd Gifs!
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This is Sayaka. Why is she a baka?
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Because she let personal feelings turn her into witch, and it's much worse than death. Natural selection as is.
She just is.
sayaka is the typical femanon
dumb and delusional

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Waiting thread for the 100 chapter

Predictions, discussions, memes and all ghoul girls allowed
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will the washuu king himself make an appearance this chapter and BTFO the false king?
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Let's hope the colour opening page is a remake of pic related.
i can't tell are they all panels from the manga except they're colored?

Why doesn't Reina smile?
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That's the look of someone who knows she's the best.
Hazuki a cute.

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Christmas cake is crying, please cheer her up /a/!
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Its not that hard to cheer that up. Invite her for a beer, pay for at least 1 round and listen to what's troubling her.
Gonna cheer her up with some beer and then make rough bunny sex
That's cruel but
>Those child-bearing hips made breed the human population after getting extinct
>Still single and not married

I'm watching the series for the first time and I had tears in my eyes watching this episode.

I love this series.
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I wish I could watch the series for the first time

Maki and Umi are best
It's a good anime, wish they'd go easy on the CG though. And the fans are awful. Still, for my money I prefer Love Live over Idolmaster.

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Freeze in the middle of this stopped-up world
A burning heart links these 2 pieces

The generation catches a new wind
The nation is born before it rots away

Send out an attack, variegated Color
Because everything shines brilliantly!

The darkness is growing in this town
Hey /ai/ idle activities , shine gold!
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Friendly reminder, if you see and Anti-Koharufags, please take them to your local dumpster where they belong.
Friendly reminder, if you see any Koharufags, please take them to your local dumpster where they belong.
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ShakariKii Sports.png
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No more making fun of Kii

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You can find chapter 54 here

If you missed any of the previous chapters check here

If you've just finished the anime and want to catch up with the current discussion check this link
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Make way for best (and lewdest) witch!

Doujins when?
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When will Subaru learn to take a bath? This stinky shit has got to stop.
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>Out of every single thing in this world choose me, look only at me, love only me, devote only to me, be loved only by me, pardoned only by me, sacrifice your everything only to me. Are you capable?

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is this show worth watching?
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the meme show is over. nobody will discuss it anymore so why watch it?
It's great.

Tamaki is too pure for this world.
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She really loves her dad, huh?
She's going to corrupt the other girls with her dad fetish isn't she
I wanted at least one of them to find her obsession creepy.

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Monet is alive
Fuck you Oda
I want to cum inside________
Spee D. Reader-kun
Everybody is getting BTFO

And other memes.
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Reminder that Sakazuki did nithing wrong
Next nakama
Tell me, why does he wear the horns?

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