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Is Son Gohan the weakest saiyan?
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no, tarble is
Don't you understand the concept of training in DB?

Gohan can just train for a few months, and he'll be back to full potential.

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Next episode in 30 minutes.
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preview pics

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If Kirino were your sister how long would it take you to kill yourself.
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I would wait as long as Kirino wants me too.
kill yourself, onii-chan

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Yuri and Yugo on ice.
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Here's a Yuri on ice!!!
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And here's a Yugo in ice!!!
You vastly overestimate Konami's ability to do anything smart ever. Plus as long as they sell packs, they have even less reason to care, which the cards do no matter how bad the show gets.

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The return of Dark Ruler Ix-chan in less than two hours.
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Hyped. I want a tea party with Einhart, Vivio, and Ix for Ancient Belka rulers.
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And Subby chaperoning.

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Reasons to give your all? Those are endless!
Don't imitate others, go make things come true
Take on the opportunity! There's no right or wrong in this world
There's a meaning to everything, no two people are alike after all
What a charming STAR JET you are

I want to shine brighter
/ai/ - Idle Activities surely like myself
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I want to fuck Lala.

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Today's her birthday: say something nice about her.
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Are you ready for French ships
Where were you when Kinu became known for her big tits?
I like big tita

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>Next week episode is recap
Actas does it again.
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Holy shit.
I don't know how to feel for the author. On one hand you have your work being made into an anime, on another there's so many issues.

Wonder what crossed the author and other people behind it when they found out Actas was producing it.
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Episode 18 soon.
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Fake loli garbage
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For those that missed it yesterday, the preview is out and translated. Kind of short, but it starts off giving us something to speculate on.

Spoiler images with real and fake spoilers mixed in around 4 days. 3 at the earliest, 5 at the latest.
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Here's the illustration the preview came with.

Unrelated, but how do you feel about WR sending people to a part of the same world that normal people can't access? Kind of like the "this side of the coin" thing from OT2 except far more permanent? If it's something like that, I wonder if its possible IB can negate it? Phase fuckery, maybe?
First three parts of chapter 1 is out too. There's no way Touma and Fran are going to be able to handle the Kamisato's faction by themselves. Surely they'll get support from Kamijou's ragtag faction. Definitely Mikoto, Index, and Othinus. Maybe Accelerator. Kakine and Shiage are most likely. But to deal with Yuiitsu, Touma is gonna need heavy hitters from the magic side. I'm hoping for Birdway, Fiamma, Laura, and a saint or two.

WR sending people to a different world was a likely theory, but NT17 confirms it. Since saving Kamisato is the plot, there's no doubt that Touma will manage to do exactly that in the end.
Don't you mean "not sending people to a different world"?

I was a fan of the theory that WR was a monkey paw that granted your wish in a twisted way but judging from what Kakeru experienced in the prologue, it seems more like banishment to a special phase in the world that's both difficult to access and difficult to leave. Assuming Touma can figure something out, it sounds like IB may be just the thing necessary to save him. Touma's gonna have to figure it out and find some kind of entry point, though. Maybe Kakeru's hand?

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This is nice board
That's Keksandra

Because Kiyohiko Azuma got fed up with his character being associated with scum from the internet

Furuta and matsuri tired of this shit, matsuri being homo, ui screaming internally, mutsuki being a bitch, nobody cares about akira and still 8 weeks for eto because ishida and his "muh pararels"
Where is fucking rize reee
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>implying Furuta isn't having the time of his life right now
Eat my cock.
get in here

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Let's Flip Flapping
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I was not ready to get spooked by the last episode. It's been a while seen I've seen an episode of a anime do horror well.

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Post your top 3 this season

1. Flip Flappers
2. 3-gatsu
3. Hibike
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Flip Flappers
Smoking is unhealthy.
1. Flip Flappers
2. Izettia
3. Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

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