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Can your waifu defeat the forces of evil?
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Houki a shit.
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which one?
great taste anon

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It's called a lower mouth
The word you're looking for is "cunny"

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Guess Sorachi realized this was his only income.

Looks like we're in Sazae-san mode gents.
He only gets peanuts from the anime and merchandise money.
So will it air the current arc or the chapters that were not animated?

I would like to see edgy Nobume

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>set out to hunt bears
>bears actually hunt you
>fall in love with a bear
I couldn't bear to watch.
Reminder that Lulu was kashikoi and best.

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Here are the reasons why Akari is your favorite anime character:

1. She's nice
2. Stands up against bullys
3. Always happy even though she is constantly bullied
4. Hairbuns
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she s e x y
That 4 reasons why I hate her.
I want to ____ my warm ____ inside Akari's 13-year-old ____

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Why is France as it's portrayed in anime so comfy and amazing?
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GochiUsa doesn't take place in France; it takes place in the Comfyverse.
What is the age of consent in Usagiland?
Something-something no third world subhumans in comfy anime allowed.

Are you enjoying Occultic;Nine?
This show is getting really good.
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Only show I'm watching this season. Meh, it's okay. The character interactions are what ruin it for me.
Biggest waste of great animation and visuals since Rolling Girls.

I finally saw the greatest, comfiest, moe anime series ever.
Was pretty perfect except for Claude.
>show takes place in idealized France
>everyone that appears is easygoing and happy
>grandfather is pretty much Santa Claus
>yet Claude still manages to be bitter and unhappy almost all the time
It's like they took Hikigaya and put him in Aria.

Here's a list of things Claude hates
>street musicians
>homeless kids
>kids in general
>taking baths
>grand magasin
>actually their entire family
>long sleeves
>writing on paper
>all japanese food
>anything different
>his father
Not to mention he just comes off as kinda generally disturbed and has genuine anger management issues. Those eyes don't help anything at all either. I mean I like that he provides some opposition in the series, but it's just too much for this kind of show. Don't get me wrong though, it's not like I hated him, it's just his personality is off putting and weird. I guess that's what you get from a shoujo show.
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Why is Claude so shit? He ruined the whole episode.
His dad was a negligent hardass and literally every customer he has keeps comparing his work to his dads and reminding him that his work isn't as good and that he's not as talented. Plus he got blueballed by his childhood friend because they're from different social classes.
Why the girl looks likes she 5? Isn't she supposed to be 14

ITT; 10/10 anime only.
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Step aside, plebeians

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Why do people think kyoani is best studio
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Why do you keep posting this thread
Because they think cramming filters and lighting into animation makes something good.
Bandwagon studio

What went wrong?
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Not much. Mostly solid adaptation. Manga hiatus kind of ruined it.
One of my favourites. Loved how the narrating gave the show this autobiographical feel, like it was really personal. Often hate how much narration there is in shows but it worked well in Nana. I hope the author has some plans on finishing it. She did some artwork earlier this year.

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Did Broly have the best Saiyan transformation?

>pantera playing in the background
>vegeta shitting his pants
>most tense moment in DBZ, even if it was a movie
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yes it still sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it

also for laughs
Don't forget the landscape color change and his face rips apart.

Broly would have made an interesting villain in DBZ since we're led to believe goku is the legendary SS as a hero but it's actually this bloodthirsty maniac who embodies purely what saiyans were.

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This is a japanese wabbit
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Looks like it's about to be hit by a Japanese meteor- what of it?
Looks like a Japanese stand user to me.
She must be feeling lonely so better impregnate her.

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I imagine the animators' desks are designed to be a good few inches higher than normal desks.
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Season post-movie when?
Because they employ a lot of foreign animators?

In the most recent episode he was used to obliterate Zamasu after he had essentially won. What's to stop goku from using him to instantly take out any villain he wants without fail since he's the most powerful God out there?
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>without fail
i dunno about that, pretty big drawback to have the guy you summoned to take out the villain take your ass out along with him.
Because he kills the villain and whatever planet they happen to be on. Continue doing it for every little problem and chances are he'll decide the entire universe is shit and just destroy it all.
I think he can localise his power if he wants to

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