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This is a literal page from Berserk. Is there even any shred of chance that it'll be good ever again? It hasn't been good in like 10 fucking years
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Casca will reveal to Guts she was only pretending to be retarded for the lulz.
what did Muira mean by this? Is it a metaphor?
its schrierkes lust for gutts dick

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Why isn't Koyomonogatari on bakabt?
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were the BDs properly ripped?

Is passable for now, video wise. There are 5 or so glaring typesetting and sub mistakes, that can easily be corrected if you want to take the time. (couple double words and a missing strike on one line)

Strike that, I think it was this one that I actually checked out, sorry


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> This is a harpy.
What do?
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Use it as a comfy pillow.
> Not using her as a futon.
Put a bag over her head to shut her up.

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ITT shows that are better than their source material
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Sabagebu! 01.mp4_001321361.jpg
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I just watched the first episode of Sabagebu. What can I expect from the rest of the series?

Also, Sabagebu thread.
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you can expect Mokarin
A top tier MC.
Bear pantsu

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Discuss JoJo openings. chase gets a lot of shit but it is so much better than Sono Chi no Kioku.

chase > CNBT > > > > > Great Days (may change depending on the BtD opening).
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Chase is the best opening by song and animation but gets critized because its the only song not produced exclusively for JoJo.

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Tell me, which anime death hit you the hardest, and what made it so sad?
>That music
>his dying gift
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>that it wouldn't be in anime form
>in b4 Grave of the Fireflies
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She was the best part of the show.
All she wanted was to escape Sotoba .

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/a/ i have to pick a bone with you!
I was autistic before i've started to watch idol anime but the idol rabbit hole continues to suck me in.

Is there a way to espace from this autism ?

my raibu is nico
my idolmaster waifu is anya
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>my raibu is nico
There is no hope.
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They're a nice morph between usual moe SoLs and stuff actually happening; it's hard not to be at least OK with them.

Also if you ever start playing [email protected] you'll never be the same.
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>Idol Anime
Nobody ever says Idol Memories

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Jesus Christ, Sasami! What did they do to you!?
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Better than the last Sasami
She still looks pretty. I like the new designs.
I need more Ayeka.

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Is she the darkness that tried to take away Snail?
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she's some weird omniscient character poping out of nowhere to wreck shit for reasons
Like most NISIOISIN arc characters?
maybe, I don't read nisioisin stuff, nor any LN in the first place

Okay, google has failed me for the last time on this.

Is there a reason why material from the Lesser Key of Solomon seems to pop up so often in japanese media? Off the top of my head I've seen the same roster of demons used in Magi and IBO, and I'm sure i've seen it about 20 other times. Not to mention that basically every japanese RPG uses at least some of the same demon names.

Is there a reason it's so prominent in that subculture? Here in the west, it's like a footnote in christian mysticism. Is it something that originated in one work that just spread to all those others? Or is there some other reason the work itself is better known to a subset of the japanese audience?

Like I said, google gets me nothing on the trend, just catalogs of specific uses. If no one on /a/ has at least a theory, I fucking go home.
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Because it sounds cool.

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How does /a/ feel about ghosts? Would you?
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>Can she bear me a real kid?
Glad we got that question out of the way. I do like the idea of raising a family.
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2D isn't real and 2D ghost are even less real.
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You can still fuck it though

leave this board

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ITT we post our MAL or Anilist links and judge each other indiscriminately until someone either cries or claims Naruto was a masterpiece.

I'll go first. https://myanimelist.net/animelist/comfy_kyoko

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Kill yourself.
I'm out of reports for the day.
Somebody else please take the baton from me.
Fuck off.

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mugis warm hands.gif
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>have mountains upon mountains of anime to watch, and a backlog as long as human history
>all I want to do is watch K-On! and it's constantly in the back of my mind
>start humming fuwa fuwa time while watching some other show
anybody else feel like this often?
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Yes, it has it's own vibe that I haven't found elsewhere either.
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>mfw I don't even watch the seasonal stuff anymore
>just sticking to few series
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I'd rather rewatch K-ON! than watch any new anime in the backlog. So I watch nothing. I feel bad.

I think this is my favorite K-ON! image. What are your guys'?

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New thread.

First few images of the upcoming theatrical Lupin III film "BloodSpray of Goemon" which will star Goemon obviously and Lupin will debut the BLACK Jacket which I'm not crazy about.

It will be a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and it will be released on February 4th in Japan.

Koike will be returning to direct.
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Guy on too is the main villain nicknamed "Bermuda Spectre". As you can tell. It's gonna be very bloody.

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