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Can we discuss this? I think it is better than biscuit hammer
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Oh shit, I didn't realize it was finished. Time to finally read it.
I've only read Biscuit Hammer. Is every work by that author worth a read?
I find biscuut hammer kinda boring and repetitive especially the fights
I liked spirit circle alot more since it basically get rid of the boring fights and there are less characters but they are much more flashed out
The McGuffin is also much better than hurr durr a year till the earth is destroyed, the protagonist is much more likeable etc etc

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Is anyone still watching?
>[HorribleSubs] ClassicaLoid - 08 [720p].mkv
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Apparently not Anon. Have a pity bump.
>tchaiko doesnt want to be the little girl
>bada getting called out for her one hit wonder
>tchaiko asking for vodka
It was a bit slow at the start, once they get to the karaoke it was great.
I don't remember any hype prior to the season, but this looks like something I might pick up late

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>Where are you taking us, anon-kun?
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Out of here
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You will see
Im only d-driver.. d-don't stare at me!!!

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Me on the right
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Me on the left
Me in the bouquet
Me as the hat

Help! I'm in love with Anya.
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She's overrated.
Well good for you. In what way did she captivate you if I may ask?

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Can you waifu defend you anon?
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Defend from what?
from misusing your excalibur in vain

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Who would win?
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>came back from the dead multiple times
>stopped the apocalypse multiple times

Step it up jesus. Dont left flithy japs school you
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Don't you ever feel bad about watching anime for free?
If you just buy those BDs, the animators for those shows you like wouldn't have to starve.
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Studios take zero consideration of western market so, no.
The only slight exception being Trigger, and even then, not so much.
Jokes on you

I buy PA Works BD because they bully animators
Import the Japanese BDs.

(With some exceptions)

I'll start
-Christmas cakes
-Ojou-samas, unless there's multiple
-Promiscuous girls, ie, girls who act very lewd and indicate they want the MC's D but are actually pure maidens.
-Tomboy childhood friends. Surprisingly, tomboys and childhood friends can win separately, but a combination of both of these is losertown

Feel free to expand or discuss. Note, this doesn't apply if there's only one girl as an option. It wouldn't be a "bowl" in those cases.
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promiscuous girls can't be pure maidens, retard.
Did you just...bump your own thread?
>promiscuous girls can't be pure maidens, retard.
Somebody hasn't seen B Gata H Kei or Ichigo 100%

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New chapter soon.
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left or right?
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The only real choice
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Brunette takes the bathroom. Blondie, my bedroom.

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Jormungand 22.png
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Why was this whole thing so fucking Shit? I'm genuinely upset
How could anyone enjoy this?
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Because her name is koko
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Post anime you've dropped for no reason whatsoever
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Master was best girl
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That's just wrong anon, you must finish it.

God tier:
Girlish Number
Yuri on Ice
Ping Pong Girls
Saiki Kusou Psi Nan

Good tier:
Stella no Mahou

dropped tier:
everything else
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1. Durarara!! on Monday

Euphonium 2
Pingu Pongu Gaaruzu

Don't really care about the rest.
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Girlish Number

Flip Flappers

Stella No Mahou
Ping Pong Girls
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Brave Witches
Bungou Stray Dogs
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Vivid Strike
Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
Touken Ranbu
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

>didn't pick up/dropped
Everyhting else
oh yeah, i forgot WWWorking. Its tolerable, though not good.

Durarara length ended though and i am not rewatching it whole for at least another year.

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Kumiko would be a wonderful mother........................................
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Kumiko's feet would be wonderful stroking my dick.
Kumiko seems like the type of girl who would get post-partum depression and be unable to bond with her baby. She would go through the motions of caring for and feeding the child of course but without any feeling of love, just apathy and slightly resentment.

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