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>no Shokugeki threads when the plot is finally rolling again
Is the manga finally digging itself out of the deep hole its been making?
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Mind saucing me on that doujin senpai?
It'd be easy to find by searching the series on a hentai site. Seriously, stop asking for handouts.

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>Alright, Lelouch. No part of your plan should involve you in a giant robot. You didn't get a magic eye that makes you good at fighting robots. Leave all that to Asuka with a headband.
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ITT people who self-insert too hard.
>listen here Dio
>do the following and you will surely kill Jotaro
>stop time
>attack him for 2 seconds
>he attacks back
>his ability to move in time has ran out
>now you can just kill him in the remaining 7 seconds
>also ditch your gay priest friend
In this post: A massive fun hating shrew who can never get any attention(nothing worthwhile to add, likely), so his only resort is to provoke others.


Gagarin this time.
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What did he mean by this? Don't remember him saying it.
When I felt like dropping this the series, it just kept on doing these nonsensical joke that I would find funny and keep on watching. Pretty good.

So, is Anus-chan the worst girl in F/SN? I watched Zero and it was p good, but Rin has all the markings of frilly garbage.
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Read the VN
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>Actually hating best girl

Some people are just born wrong I guess.

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These are your options tonight. You can only pick one.
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Dekomori dess.
Can't I just play WoW by myself?
>all of them are dykes
Turn 180 degrees and run like the wind.

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Does this anime represent of what they think of foreigners ?
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Funny isn't it?
If all foreigners are little girls, yes
I'm not laughing now.

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Subs for episode 8 are out.

>[Davinci] Girlish Number - 08 [720p][EAC69451]
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see, and there are people who want ship het
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I wish I could delete my own thread because this is the first post.

New episode is out, now we wait for sub.
Please stop being so dead.
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They had "El Psy Kongroo", now I'm just waiting for that phrase.
Whose eyes are those eyes?

I mean, considering the OP and all, I will get what I want, right?
If C;H is a VN like S;G in O;N universe then yes.
Of course it is, S;G directly referenced C;H Noah, so it must be.
And Chiyomaru confirmed the whole fo SciADV as a VN series in SVN canon.

What if you die before a manga/LN/anime you like ends?
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Then you're dead.
Is there any correlation between dying and being dead?
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This is pretty great. Anyone remember this?
Did you old virgins get to use any of those instructions?
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The people who watched this are not here anymore.
>Did you old virgins get to use any of those instructions?
I found the instruction quite educational.
In fact I'm experiencing it first hand in prison.
But I'm here, loser

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Oh hi, upgraded your sexy fairy. Hope you don't mind the few chances I made for no reason.
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Get rid of the retarded haircut, then we'll talk.
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No deal
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>Azusa Tadokoro

>80% of doujins/hentai is incest

why is this so popular/rampant
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cuz we love mommy
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>when its incest AND futa and the MC is the one getting fucked
>source :my ass

Who is your favorite robot girl, and why is it Chi?
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I like Isla more.
Can robots get pregnant?
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However Ell is the best robot girl ever made.

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What is it like to be Sailor Venus?
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What is it like to be a mobile poster?
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I'm sick and my back hurts like hell. So I'm glad I can still browse.
Like an O.G. legend. And the hottest in a friend group. I can empathize with both feelings.

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What are you working on?
What do you wish got picked up?
What is the meaning of life?
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What kind of request? If you have enough price you can do a good job.
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>What do you wish got picked up?
Scanned Takahashi Yousuke's Makoto Goodbye. It's a reprint of his old shoujo comedy from the 80's. Also has an interview and a oneshot.


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