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Why are people so excited about Code Geass getting a new season? I watched all of it and it was average at best.
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Dumb makiposter
People liked it. The hallmark of getting past age five is learning that other people have consciousnesses that are not your own.

Personally, I thought it was just decent, but even I'll watch the new season. A lot of people here saw it at a young age, and there's a special bit of magic to childhood memories.

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Jibun WuWu

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Where's the love for Lelouch's first love? Not enough Euphie in /a/
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Yeah she's great isn't she
Best girl thread? Best girl thread
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11/26/2016: the day when /a/ drowned in Code Geass.
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nothing wrong with that
>nothing wrong with threads obnoxiously spammed about a 5/10 anime that people memed up

Please acquire taste, kiddo
You mean again

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Left or right?
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genki autistic or hardcore autistic
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No question
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The real question is: School Rumble season 3 when?
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new chapter in few days though
when will we see airy sourchickas and kengee hareema's baby
>new chapter in few days though
you speak lies

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Does this finger gesture have a name?
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Maybe her butt hurts
From what?
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The left finger symbolizes 1, the right finger, going in the opposite direction symbolizes -1.
1 - 1 = Zero.

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2016 may be the year of meme magic, but nothing's gonna meme this old hag back to life
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>meme magic
Fuck off back to >>>/pol/.
In the Berenstein universe, Haruhi, WataMote, and Space Dandy are all still running. Also, anime dubs use the same pool of VAs as Western cartoons, so they're not shit.
>still doesn't believe after a president was memed into office

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Don't know if is a good idea begin a storytime the day of the new code geass anime announcement, but this time will be short
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but who exactly was this masked individual?
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It was clearly Prince Clovis
no clue
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Tell me about Zero, why does he wear the mask?

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Is it confirmed that the new season of Code Geass will follow Lelouch and CC's story? Because it seems way more logical to think that the story will be about Suzaku and his struggles as the new Zero, or some fucking bullshit like that. Do I need to remind you guys of what they did to Eureka Seven?
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It's confirmed that Lulu will be the MC
Takao has a big butt!
Why are her fingers so sharp?

Knowing Suzaku's nature, why would anyone ever think Suzaku would agree to killing his own best friend unless he knew that Lelouch would live?
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He didn't know. That's why he accepted the plan.
I liked Slutzaku.
He wanted to kill Lelouch because Lelouch killed his slut waifu.

Uh so I get we're all excited and shit. But what's the plot going to be? As for as I know /a/ doesn't care about anime with bad plots.
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The plot is Lelouch.
I've been wondering myself.

I mean, they could deal with an intergalactic or interdimensional race that acts as the conquerer. There's a number of directions they could explore with CCs background in that avenue, and while it'd be a little ridiculous, I'd enjoy it.
A board full of CG threads.

Truly this is the best of times and the worst of times.

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Why is Code Geass so bad?
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Because second season. It got retarded in a way that was very fun to watch, so I can forgive it. Not that season 1 was that good, but it really started going balls to the walls nuts in the second season.
Because it's retarded, but that's why it's good.
This. First season was better but the second season was more fun.

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I think everyone knows this anon. Once a year we are reminded.
flip the genders and this would be offensive
Holy shit, CC have been watching Lelouch all the time

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