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code geass will save the world
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hot cum.png
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Is it happening?

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New thread.

First few images of the upcoming theatrical Lupin III film "BloodSpray of Goemon" which will star Goemon obviously and Lupin will debut the BLACK Jacket which I'm not crazy about. Too bland and casual for Lupin

It will be a sequel to Jigen's Gravestone and it will be released on February 4th in Japan.

Koike will be returning to direct.
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I didn't know about this, now I'm hyped, fuck. I dig that jacked tho.
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guy on top is the main villain nicknamed "Bermuda Spectre".

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Say something nice to Nene
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Overall cutest New Game. I want to fuck her while she wears that shark backpack until all of her notebooks and pens fall out.
I still haven't finished New Game! because of your annoying ass.
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After crushing on 100s of anime girls, she is the first that I've actually fallen in love with

Find a flaw.
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>not lying in bed next to me
>not mio
she likes niggers
Probably pregnant.

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Lucky Channel was easily my favorite part of the show. Who else?
did she get raped?
Lucky Channel was great. Shiraishi was my favourite character.

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people who don't like nico are, well, let's just say, they're bad at posting
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>Shut up, bitch. You Japanese are even more annoying than Americans.
Dumb Nicoposter
no nico is good ;___;

she's good and real and soramaru has her deep inside her heart and she'll be there forever. we love nico

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Baka and Test Art Example.jpg
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If real life looked like an anime, which artist's or series's style would you want it to look like?

Pic related, my best friend said Baka and Test.
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I want eyes with different colors be natural.
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Random lolis.jpg
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I want to live in a world filled with cute tube-lolis.
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drawings=not alive
me=not alive


Arc's design was arguably the worst in Tsukihime. I'm glad Takeuchi reworked her but I agree that they could have kept her hairstyle like they did in some more previous artwork. She is the type-moon mascot after all.
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Fuck off.
Is the manga a good stand in for the VN?
if you want to get into Type-Moon you should always go with the VNs

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Why does earth-star make such great lolis and loli shows?
Mahou Shoujo Nante, Yama no Susume, Pupa, can they even fail?
Nowdodays anime when?
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All of those are bad shows in their own regard.
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YnS is a masterpiece.
I feel bad for you.

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Best LWA girls

>tfw amanda is literally just ryuko matoi with different hair and eyes
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Same VA also.

She's more conservative and lax, despite not being placed in the plot position of being thrown into a raunchy suit or rebelling against a dominant political faction.
I'm depressed that I will never see a make out scene between Amanda and Ryuko.
Make one

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wtf is going on.png
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This show is bullshit and if you like it you are retarded. I have watched until episode 15.

1. Subaru should find a way to kill himself permanently. And the fact that I think this doesn't do the show well.

2. The parts where he dies are entertaining for a while, until you get to episode 14 where the entire episode is literally pointless. The only thing that comes of it is that we learn about Betelgeuse. And learning about Betelgeuse is pretty shitty at this point in time when a bunch of other stuff was going on and instead of addressing the actual directly open plot points (of which there are MANY) the show just fucking goes off to no where just to show gore and bullshit.

3. Rem's sacrifice is literally meaningless because he will just come back to life. In fact any sacrifice is meaningless because the main character can go back enough times to ensure that no sacrifice is necessary and the happy ending is achieved.

4. Subaru fucking SUICIDES knowing there is no drawback. What is death?

5. Episode 15 starts and Subaru is back to his happy go lucky attitude. The mental damage and trauma was lifted literally for the sake of continuing the plot. This makes the two previous episodes even more meaningless. Why couldn't we just have continued the show while things still made some sense? I forgave the suicide but come the fuck on.
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wish fulfilment trash. what else did you expect?
It's not wish fullfilment though. That's the one thing it isn't and it's selling point. And I say that's probably the one thing it did well but the cost is that the MC is basically what memesters think Shinji and other counterproductive MCs are like. He's a little too much of a tard.
So your biggest complaint about a show where the main character comes back to life is that the main character can't die?

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Asuka and Shinji a cute
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Shinji and Rei are better though.
File: 1460850999070.jpg (154KB, 812x1145px)Image search: [Google]
154KB, 812x1145px
AsukaxRei is better
File: 1448837509577.jpg (76KB, 645x935px)Image search: [Google]
76KB, 645x935px

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What is this outfit for?
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There is probably some sort of sextoy build inside the outfit, the locks are here so she can't remove it.
File: 1424946724746.jpg (50KB, 300x300px)Image search: [Google]
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>that mika doujin
hopes and dreams 2bh

I've read a bit about FLAC but I can't hear any difference between the FLAC and MP3 version of Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation's ending theme.
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The rotational velocidensity
It's looses compression so it packs better quality, you need high end headphones to even notice a difference, if the size bothers you, you can always re encode it. Now take down this thread.
MP3 degrades in quality every time you listen to it

it has a set number of plays in it's lifespan so every tiem you listen to it it sounds progressively worse, though your pleb tier ears might not realize this.

FLAC preserves the original quality and has an infinite life span so if you aren't a complete retard you will always get FLAC over MP3.

would you take care of this tanuki?
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Oh I'd take care of him if you know what I mean
Where are the subs?
Too high maintainance

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