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Guys, can you stop yelling like a bunch of retards please?

Miki is sleeping.
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B-but there are people here who are legitimatly, genuinely excited for new code gayass.

And you faggots wonder why the industry is in the shitter.
Code Geass is for 15 years old teenagers.
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I swear, she's got enormous boobs. Big, round, soft and squishy.
How would you explain in one word why Hajime's breasts are so big?
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Show me your best JIBUN WO
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now that season 3 has been announced, will moot return?
Were code geass really that cancerous like they are today or its just temporary?
>he doesn't know what's going to happen
Buckle up buckaroo

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source pls. image search didn't do jack shit.

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She is from the Owari no Seraph universe.
She's exhausted from killing goblins. She was already blushing before the ogre showed up.
Human beings have developed natural reactions as non-verbal signals to communicate with each other. An increased blood flow to the face could indicate anything from a positive reception to a potential mate, a level of anger and frustration, or being on the verge of crying. Given the circumstances, I would say the say the latter two are plausible.

High intensity physical exertion leads to increased blood flow to the body overall.

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This is the most powerful ability in all anime.
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I can just press the pause button haha what a loser
All fiction is more powerful, more interesting and with a based user instead of a faggot
Basilisk has an eye power that negates all powers. Sharingan a shit.

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There is literally no proof that another season of TTGL isn't coming.
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I wish you faggots would stop this. There's no need to ruin another good ending. I mean what the fuck what you even want out of another season? There is literally no where else for the story to go.
It would be good if it takes place in another universe separate from the original series.
The fact that it had a conclusive ending is enough to kill any speculation on any kind of sequel. We have so few anime that actually END, so it bothers me that people want to fuck with that.

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Convince me to watch Code Geass.
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Don't you fucking tell me what to do kid.
really refreshing to see Code geass threads. Hopefully there will be like 30 of them up at the same time like the old days

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Never watched this homu's show, but now that S3 is coming, should I watch the first two seasons? Is it worth it?
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>Is it worth watching one of the greatest anime of all time?
Watch Full Metal Panic instead, so you can be ready for Season 4.

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ITT well adjusted gentlemen who did nothing wrong
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He literally did everything wrong. How the HECK can you defend him?
fucking over strangers is not immoral. Fucking over a 'friend' who saved your ass before in the first place because you like that extra money is.
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he simply flipped a coin.

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>all that unfinished code geass porn could actually be completed now
I'm so glad I didn't kill myself this year.
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now if only someone would send my raws back to me so i can finish editing them dhn

>wanting to kill yourself in a year this based

Though I can't say I blame for you for the first half of the year.
>unfinished code geass porn
You mean that slutzaku fanfic?

New Panty and Stocking is more exciting than Code Gayass.
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Kill la Kill yourself.
t. /co/

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>/a/ doubted he was dead
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Why would anyone have assumed he was dead after that ending? They went way out of their way to make you think he was alive after they pan over to the driver and it hits that music cue.
I hope they pull a "Shirley isn't dead"-twist and then kill her again
Fucking stop

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Let's be serious now.
Lelouch is dead.
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lelouch is alive.png
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At that precise moment? Yes.
A few seconds later he had to hold back to not wink at Nunnaly.
hopefully that anon in the image didn't die or worse
ran off to reddit

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