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Is it as good as Cowboy Bebop?
I've read that it's heavily influenced by hip-hop, which I hate. I'm also not a fan of westerns, but I loved Cowboy Bebop. Is it done with class, like Cowboy Bebop, or is it straight up nigg-tier?
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What is this, REACT bros /pol/ watches an anime? fuck out of here
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>I've read that it's heavily influenced by hip-hop, which I hate
Step outside of your comfort zone, anon.
Fuck off
Watch it and make your own opinion

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>all these total casuals and newfags screaming about new FLCL, PSG and FMP while not knowing that the actual good anime got s2 announcement this year
Shame on you
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But I am excited for this too. Ican be excited for more than one anime announcement you know.
Well, I sure don't see a lot of people being excited for it.
FLCL, PSG and FMP are all older. This is from like 2013.

Should I watch Gintama?
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dumb vargposter
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That depends.
Do you like the sound of a comedic, almost SOL-style series about no good oddjobs group, set in alternative history of Japan, with aliens, robots, samurai and ninja's clashing, with tons of modern Nippon shenanigas in the mix?
Do you like LOL RANDOM, tons of references to other shows & media products, and the 4th wall being broken actively and on purpose all the time?

Are you OK with occasional "serious" arcs where SHTF, and rare feels episodes that may make you feel like shit?

And most importantly: are you OK with a series that's first ~20 episodes are literally the worst the series has to offer, but still are essential introduction and foreshadowing episodes you should sit through anyway? Not counting the first 2 episodes, that are the only real filler of the whole show, that is.

If you got more "yes" answers, then Gintama might be just the thing for ya.
I actually just recently started watching the show, finishing the last episode + released OVAs & films last month, and it was helluva show! No idea if I'd bothered to sit through the first season when it aired, but being able to marathon it all did make it easy to digest.

Can't wait for the new season that starts next January.

>[HorribleSubs] Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 (Uncensored) - 09 [720p].mkv
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ded show
ded thread
ded fanbase
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>liking Kyoani
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You have made a mistake. I don't like KyoAni. I love KyoiAni.

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>not liking Kyoani

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When was the last time you had your mind blown?
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When I shot myself in the head.
Did you die?

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I just watched the first three episodes of Code Geass. Kallen confirmed best girl.
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It's Karen you filthy non-nihonjin.
I just turned episode one on too. How was the green girl watching the whole time? I don't think I really paid attention, because when I watched it the first time I barely understood what the hell was going on when they rode that elevator to heaven or whatever

People who rewatched CG, is it worth it? The main thing I remember is plot twists and how it never failed to surprise. Is it actually interesting to watch not-ongoing?
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yeah i watched it twice, once as it was airing and another time last year and i think it holds up really well
How about you try it yourself you retarded mongoloid?
I think I've watched it 3 times at least. It's a good, fun show. Exciting. Energetic. Good for a filthy NEET like myself

>19 years old

LOL fucken slut
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I'm not picking this shit up only to find out you were just baiting.
its true
>LOL fucken
great thread

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>there are actual people on /a/ right now who think that Anya isn't the best girl
>there are people who unironically like pizza ass or redheaded backstabbing cunt.
Disgusting. You all should be executed.
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I like them both.
The reveals ruin her for me.

Though I really like the concept of small girl pilot a thick big mecha.
Milly is the best girl, though

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Post more like this
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You know, the whole point of that diatribe is that he was wrong, as expected.
Except he's not wrong. He may be wrong in the story, but when it comes to reality, he's 100% right.

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6 episodes in, when does it get good?
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Episode 97
When you switch to watching Code Geass instead.
You fell for the meme

What did he see?
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Mutilated pen0r
A very mutilated and loose vagina or penis

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From 1-10, how fucking insane will the collage for this year be?
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I don't know but overall it was a good year.
>Sidonia ending
I thought it was 2016. Where did the time go? ;_;
This shit sucks

should i watch attack on titan in dub or sub? i normally watch anime in sub but i think its more comfy watching in dub because i can enjoy the animation more
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You should fuck off back to /r/anime you retarded newfag.

so dub?

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