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Not phone poster kun
I really just want a good discussion
So after the current arc do you think crab will ramp up the marriage aspect and everyday life stuff more or just more long arcs
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>So after the current arc do you think crab will ramp up the marriage aspect and everyday life stuff more or just more long arcs
Will probably ramp down and o more slice of life stuff which is the nichijou part of Monster Musume no iru Nichijou. It would be nice to see the main girls doing stuff instead of the plot happening to them.
hell probably mess around with more story aspects and other stuff
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If Crabman plans to go back to the marriage arc, he's gonna have to chapter all first three girls again. Right?

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Everybody talks about Code Geass

Nobody talks about Gintama new anime...

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As much as I like Gintama, the next season is going to be 100% serious arc and I honestly couldn't care less about that. The manga has already went downhill for the past two years now.
But the serious arcs are the best part of the show mate, the Shogun Assassination arc was the shit.

it was expected. R3 was not

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ITT terrible commanders
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Best girl.
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I would let her command my dick.

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What thw fuck did i miss

Q fucking r3?????

If its juat thw ahitty ova fuck rhay

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They've cycled out some of the mysterious images for new ones
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Oh, I thought those are from that dragon dentist short
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EVA isn't Lost. It's not about the unnecessary convoluted mystery but the characters. Unfortunately the characters are shit on Rebuild so there's nothing left

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Let's end this debate,once and for all.
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There is no debate. CC is better than Kallen in every possible way.
Long hair > Short hail
Smart > Dumb
Green > Red
>Green > Red
Natural > Unnatural
While CC is best girl,
>Green > Red
That's simply not true

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This is the real top.
1. Desty Nova
2. Shiho Miyano
3. Yang Wenli
4. Hildegard Mariendorf
5. Reinhard von Lohengram
6. Paul Oberstein
7. Siegfried Kircheis
8. Johan Liebert
9. Friend
10. Anokata
11. Pariston Hill
12. Gin Freecs
13. Akagi Shigeru
14. Shinichi Kudo
15. L Lawliet
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Morokuzu Takehito
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>Oberstein below Reinhard
Anon, pls

Childhood is when you worship Code Geass, adulthood is when you realise Death Note was better
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t. Light "the failure" yagami
What happens if you write Lelouch's name in the death note?
He's immortal so he survives right?
Also do you write Lamperouge?
His name was changed so what happens?
I never understood the name thing, is it your birth name?
>is it your birth name?
Yes, also you need to write it in it's original language it seems

Do you love the major? I love the major. I want to marry the major!
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she was at her best in that season 1 slutty outfit
Oh I do
Can the major hafe children? She plays it off each time she's asked but I don't think she can procreate.

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How many debuts and cancellations? What is your expectation for next year? Which series that ended this year that you miss the most?
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Excluding group covers:

>One Piece: 7
>Soma: 4
>Haikyuu: 5
>Black Clover: 3
>Hero Academia: 4

Most of the others got only one or two, and it's hilarious how quickly Love Rush and Red Sprite fell.

Anyway, my expectation for next year is that Jump is going to try and find a new moneymaker to supplement One Piece. Hero Academia is popular and they really want to push Black Clover to be the next Naruto, so both will definitely get a lot of advertisement. Hard to say what series will end next year, although I'd bet on Gintama (so Gorilla-sensei can take a break) and half of the new series that just debuted. The Promised Neverland seems to be going strong, but nothing else from the batch really attracts me.

As for the series I miss the most, probably Toriko. Never followed AssClass, Bleach's ending was meh, and Kochikame's creator deserves some rest (although he won't), but Toriko could have had some promise if they didn't try to promote it as the next One Piece.
>>One Piece: 7
>>Soma: 4
>>Haikyuu: 5
>>Black Clover: 3
>>Hero Academia: 4

Gintama: 3
>And first places?

>Hero Academia = 17
>One Piece = 9 (+3 the series was absent eight weeks before)
>Black Clover = 7
>Haikyuu!! = 5

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Is there really such a thing as a "surprise hit" in anime that no one expected? Or does everyone already know from manga/novel/game sales what's going to be big and what's going to flop?
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Nichijou was a surprise flop
Madoka Magica was a surprise hit
nichijou shouldn't be a surprise flop
the fans in japan were pretty much females in their 20s that didn't watch much anime
it's a series for babbies both there and the west
There weren't high expectations for YOI going into this season, but it's blown up. On the other hand Drifters was probably the most hyped show and it hasn't really lived up to that.

What are some characters that were made to be hated?
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You to be honest, but ask you're mom for details.

Do any of you guys actually learn any Japanese by watching anime.
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>Do people actually learn words by hearing them over and over while seeing them in context
No of course not you idiot
I learn code language by watching geass.

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There will be Dragons, Idols, Angels and STARBEAT!

Hashitteta itsumo hashitteta
Ai to yuuki wo todoketai (afureru omoide)
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Konosuba and maid dragon
What a shitty season. And no, little witch academia will be shit
Is there a connection between Chaos;Child and Chaos;Head?
I think the Code Geass recaps are also coming out this season.

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imagine this airing in the same season as code geass

/a/ wouldn't survive
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I mean, it could air at the same time with what you posted, S;G 0, AOT 2, new FLCL, new LOGH, or all of them.
You mean like /a/ didn't survive Lucky Star and TTGL airing at the same time?
You mean, your VEG threads wouldn't survive, because literally no one cares about it.

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