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Best pokemon girl until character growth and off goes all her beautiful hair, oh how I hate that overused cliche
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She just ties it up
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old and busted
Don't worry, this one just puts in a ponytail.

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No wonder she has almost no followers
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Can a human and goddess be lovers? I'm not the biggest fan of Hestia but she was pretty adorable.
Pretty sure Bell is a half god too
Fuck off Homu. Go back to being depressed.

Was this the hypest moment in all of manga?
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Does anyone have an /a/ reaction screencap? Or at least any info I could use to find the reaction in the archive?
Not even close.

Well what is then?

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>Ara, Anon-chan, how was your day at school?
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I grabbed a girl by the pussy and fucked her.
I never understood why Japanese parents (at least in anime) use honorifics like Chan to address their kids. Can't they just call them by their name?
But I'm a NEET. I just came out of my room to grab something to eat.

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Why do people act like Shinji is some shining example of a relatable protagonist?

The only time I related to him in the slightest was when he regenerated his entire body using nothing but his desire to have sex with multiple women.
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He's not relatable, he's a massive beta bitch boy with notable sexual confusion, daddy and mommy issues, way too much fucking responsibility for his age, a shit childhood and lack of social experience and his dad's a complete fucking dick to him, telling him he doesn't need him at all. Despite all of this, he still got in the robot and saved mankind.
How is that not relatable you faggot? (excluding the last part)
Everyone has a little shinji inside their heart, some are just afraid to acknowlege him.

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totally gay.png
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Is Sayaka gay for Nozomi?
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Be a good dog and stay.

I've never been to /u/ in my entire fucking life

Not ot mention I actually asked a serious question.

What the hell did she mean by 'you play so dirty' quote? It's obvious she loves Nozomi, but felt Nozomi has too many options and was overjoyed when her true love actually chose her over other people.

gif thread?
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best girl

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The character posted right above you has fallen in love with you.

How do you respond?
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I love Emelia...
I love Emilia.
I love Emilia (Yusa)

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I don't get it. Is this show trying to make the viewer sympathize with a bunch of undead sociopaths and show that villagers are somehow in the wrong?
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shiki sunako and seishin.jpg
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Fuck communism.
Perhaps it was, but it certainly didn't succeed with me. I enjoyed every second of the carnage.
but the humans were in the wrong.

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ITT: Good kuudere
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Unfortunately, it's only Horo.
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How is Horo a kuudere?
Okay, she is kamidere. Sorry OP but good kuudere don't exist.

If you were on the internet when DBZ and Sailor Moon crossover fanart and porn was still a thing, you're probably too old to still be browsing 4chan like I am.
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There isn't a too old quote for 4chan.

You've got that backwards. You're too young to be here. Go back to your more modern fancy sites son.
I'm not old though, I just got into the internet when I was really young. I've been fapping to lolis since they were older than me.

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Why are blondes so great?
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based aryan genetics
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They are blonde.
Not every blonde is an aryan.
but every anime is aryan

Sub or dub?
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DUB. Anyone who tells you different is not only a faggot, but a colossal faggot. Revy is from NY, and speaks as such. She's not supposed to use "Engrish" else that makes her interactions with Shenhua , were Revy constantly mocks her poor English skills, pointless.

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you will never have a friend as good as the friends that exist in anime/manga because honestly, people out there are only looking out for themselves and no one else.

even yourself you know, when was the last time you truly did something good for someone else and not just as a justification for acting in your own self interests?

selfish prick
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Someone had a bad time watching ore monogatari
pray for him. I cried when oneesan lose.
i mean i just realized literally every one of my "close" friends ever has inevitably been some fucking selfish asshole prick deep down inside.

theres no such thing as true friendship, just selfish justification for our own manipulation and survival instinct.

love and friendship are a lie

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I present to you, the saving grace of this recent chapter.
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God why is she such a bitch?
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Short people.
this was some high quality monster gore

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