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Post the exact moment a show ran out of budget.
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>Running out of budget on an unlimited budget
DragonBall Super: Episode 1
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The greatest love story ever told. KIRINOOO!
Forced winner Kirino a shit.
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>implying I would forget the greatest, purest and most heart boner inducing love story ever known to man
That being said, thank you.

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How come an educational textbook has better character design than most new shows? When will we get an anime starring her?
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I've always wondered, what is she actually? really just a textbook character? so much fanart for someone you'd think would be clipart tier

also fuck the red cux and fuck bombston

>the price was wrong
>some Dora kind of show for japanese "kids" with a lot of lewd while they learn english
It can work, FUND IT!
Being a cute blondey is enough to become meme tier in nipland.

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Why are americans so evil in anime, anon?

Is anime right-wing autists who are still butthurt over two bombs?
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What's so evil about your pic?
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Too much patriotism is bad for you, OP
Why are you so insecure about it?

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I just finished watching this stupid anime. Why did they glorify this asshole at the end with that running scene sympathizing with his crimes? That's not how he dies in the manga. They wasted 15 minutes on that shit instead of the after-story chapter.

The entire point of his breakdown was to demonstrate that for all his wile and posturizing, he was always only a megalomaniac habitual liar with inside knowledge of an overpowered book, but an idiot through and through. L was the only genius in the end. The other characters were just reactionary protagonists against a baboon. That was the moral.

What hack director wrote the second half of this show and has he been blacklisted from ever making another anime yet? If you want something done right in this world you really have to do it yourself. What IRONY that that was the only kernel of truth to Light's childish crusade to be God.
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>glorify this asshole at the end with that running scene sympathizing with his crimes
Did we watch the same anime?
There's truth to that, the anime tries to make you feel all sad that Raito-kun is drying while in the manga he just drops dead lack a sack of shit yeeah
Sorry about my grammar on that entire post, i just woke up and broke a cup of glass

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Yfw there's no anime of cute girls shooting up heroin
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Yfw there's no anime of cute girls popping molly

Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of it?
Was it AOTY?
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Pretty much.
Rolling girls and YKA was the only thing good to watch that season. Best season ever
Rolling girls was pretty meh. Other than YKA there was Death Parade and DRRR to watch.
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Pretty good. And I love Bonjour Suzuki, although I didn't find the OP/ED that special.


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strongest .jpg
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The great debate.
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My boy Saga could thrash all the other saints.
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Aldebaran would wreck any of those boipussies
Stop baiting

ITT: Shows you can't tell if you liked or not
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it was....a show with cute girls, hm i think we can agree to that
Elfen Lied
If you can't tell then you didn't like it.

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Nine-year-old (9) cunny.
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I think she has a cute mom.
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A cute.

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>MC wins battle by exploiting a weakness the viewer was never made aware of

>MC solves the case by remembering something the viewer never sees
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Your picture isn't anime, but yeah, those are hallmarks of bad writers, and it's not exclusive to anime.
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>*gulp gulp gulp* PUWAAAAAA
>dr freeman
>im aperture

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Illya a best! also prisma thread
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Illya a cute A CUTE
new chapter?
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illya pantsu.png
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You betcha

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So this is all anti-semitism propaganda, right?

Good. Fuck Jews and their delusional, retarded religion. Fuck Grisha and his CHILDREN OF GOOOOOOD bullshit. Fuck Blorthole and his CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL REEEEE bullshit too.

Fuck all of them. Connie a best.
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Any Eldian can become a shifter? If so, why did the Marley need to choose between a group of children? How Grisha could become a shifter? What about Armin? Is he going to be okay?
>tfw still havent found the motivation to read the most recent chapter because no one has linked it
double nigger stop being lazy

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>MC instantly gets a harem at the start of the series

Why is this shit allowed? Why don't editors tell authors to knock this shit off?
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Because that's what's popular.
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Because it sells.
>Implying you don't instantly want a harem.

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what DO the japanese call anime?
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nine pronounced niii-neh
Katunzu with an extension on the sound of the a

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