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oh shit
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Kurumi is daijoubu.
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She just doesn't need it anymore.
Sluts deserve death

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The other thread died too soon. Time to start over.
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If Sakura Trick didn't save yuri then nothing will.
Targeting yuri to the male audience was a huge mistake so Citrus and NTR may fix the mistake. The only way to make yuri acceptable to the moe audience is to downgrade or trivialize the yuri
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I might be the only anon in /a/ who actually likes Mei/Yuzu.

A boy falls
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into a girl
who was magical
's nose vagina

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>Question: Do you swear to speak the truth in answer to such questions as are put to you?

>Joan: I do not know what you wish to examine me on. Perhaps you might ask such things that I would not tell.

>Question: Will you swear to speak the truth upon those things which are asked you concerning the faith, which you know?

>Joan: Concerning my father and my mother, and what I have done since I took the road to France, I will gladly swear to tell the truth. But concerning my revelations from God, these I have never told or revealed to anyone, save only to Charles, my King. And I will not reveal them to save my head.

Literally BADASS
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shut up and post Joan pits
Is Fate Joan as much of a Christfag in the real one? Surely the Elevens toned that down a bit for the game.
can mods ban fate from /a/

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Educate yourself.
Because the Blu Rays were overpriced even for anime.

Seriously, Nichijou was popular when it was airing, it was just too expensive.
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But everyone love Chuu2

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Tonight it's Akiko's exercises of death.
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It's a massage episode; a physical activity not very possible to do alone.
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Sucks to be you. My cute empress Sakura just massaged me, shit was so cash.

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Get in the car
Fasten your seatbelt
It's loli time
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Why isn't that infant in a child-seat? That's dangerous as hell.
What happens in loli time? What's that stick for? Is she gonna prosecute me?
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What's she going to do with that crop.

Okay, caught up with the raws (until Tuesday)
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How does /a/ rate anime ?
I do it like this:
Shitty characters, story, execution (varying degrees), I usually watch this for research purposes
I enjoy the characters, but the story, and execution suck
Good characters, and story entertains me, but execution sucks, (most shounen, except gash bell)
I literally wish the characters were real, the story sucks me in, but meh execution (most anime that I end up watching, I'm a simple minded person)
Everything I just said, but great execution, by that I mean that I never lose my suspension of disbelief
All the above, and it has to change the way I view life in some meaningful way

Pic related
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10: Personal favorites
9: Stuff I really enjoyed
8: Satisfying watch
7: Decent, but not satisfying
6: Had a couple good things, but overall pretty mediocre
5: I finished it and have no real qualms
4-1: Depends on how much I hated it.
1-5: anime /a/ hates
6-10: anime /a/ likes

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where are you going with this.jpg
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Entering the room
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a large spider
envelops me within
like a mollusk

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This thread is for the discussion of Aikatsu, PriPara, Cocotama, and all of your favorite little girl shows.

Who is your favorite girl from OG Aikatsu?
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Reminder that Akari is LITERALLY the best and would make the greatest wife.
Ichigo is infinitely better than Akari in every possible way. What is wrong with you?
Ichigo is great but Akari is way better.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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How much value do you put into visual direction?
damn i don't remember yu gi oh looking that good
A lot. Sadly Kuwabara is not that creative with it. He's consistent and capable of making things look nice, but he's not really ever pushing any boundaries with his work.

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What was the point of this character?
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she plays a massive role in several battles including arguably the most crucial part of the capture of doldrey which was the biggest victory yet for the hawks, she was critical to gut's becoming a better person, she was mostly the reason he became the black swordsman, i mean fuck anon did you read it?
What's the point of this topic?
whats the point of asking questions?

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Gendo did literally nothing wrong.
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>wanted to make everyone into tang to meet his dead wife.
Gendo literally did everything wrong.
why exactly does EVERYONE have to be the tang to meet with yui again? couldnt he just tang himself?

Why didn't NERV hire an in-house psychiatrist? God knows they all needed it.
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>even knowing what PTSD is
>asking for mental health professionals in fiction
A character that cannot fix themselves is worthless. Mental health first aid is a stigma for a reason.
Cause EVA was a meme project no one thought it would work,and was just for kicks

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