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was 2004-2010 the golden age of anime?
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No, it was the golden age of /a/
God no, pre-2000s were

I just got caught up with the series, can we have a thread about cutest spider?
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Havn't had a new WN chapter in a few days. I want more kumo!
>a few days
It's been an entire week.
Thats even worse. Don't use my horrible perception of time to make feel like shit anon. The fuck are the TL doing.

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Why was there never an AW11?
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I like this OST

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>childhood is idolizing Section 9
>adulthood is realizing Kuze was actually right
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>ever right
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Alright so at this point I have very little hope for this movie, I have this sickening feeling it will not stay true to the source material in the least. I am almost anticipating it being as bad as, god forbid, DBZ evolution.

Is there anyone out there that still has hope that this could be a halfway decent adaptation? If so please convince me.
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>from anime
>having hope for it ever
The general masses had more hope of CG R3 before today than having hope that a good adaptation would come out.
I hope it fail as bad as possible and lose hollywood as much as possible so anime wouldn't become capeshit 2.0

I am under no delusion that this movie would fail though, because this series will succeed.

Weaboo are animals that are easily pandered and satisfied when they are given validation by other normalfag.
Dreamworks is involved, that is the sole reason I give a margin's chance.

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Are you able to save your waifu?
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42 keys, now fuck off.
Pick silver keys so I can roll twice and put the rest up my ass.
This guy's got his his head on straight and keys up his ass.

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Which do you prefer?
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pure gyaru
I don't like this meme.

I love Taruko!
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Time for thicc?
I want to lose fat with her together.

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Well /a/?
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Yeah, but go to >>>/wsr/ or >>>/ck/.
I'm not an ant if that was your question.
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Kyon Says.jpg
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What does /a/ think of relationships between young girls and older women?

Hey mods, while you're on the topic of deleting threads with actual in-context discussion, make sure to keep ignoring the ones where all posts are blogshitting, okay?
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It is the only form of love.
Pregnant mother-daughter incest.
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loli x onee is a miracle of the universe

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Watching Rurouni Kenshin on netflix.

>inb4 get out
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You don't have to get out, but seriously get out.
Fucking awesome bro. Do you by any chance have a blog I can subscribe to so I don't miss out on future updates?
after Shishio it just get unwatchable

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Look who's joined the gang.
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At least get his full face in there. You cut off his ear.
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Yes, him.

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Source on all of them
Hello friends

0/0 I am unworthy

I'm TRYING to finish gangsta but the QUALITY of the final episodes is physically painful

Was the BD release dead too?

Also QUALITY thread I guess
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>I'm TRYING to finish gangsta
Dumber things have been said. But you should be commended for the effort. That, sir, was a dumb thing to say.
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Fuck google images
The anime studio when bankrupt and was in 380 million yen in debt. So look at it this way. Never have to worry about a sequel.

If only this had better animation... Why are there so little interesting, well animated action anime that doesn't rely on manga?
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Really? The way it was animated was generally enjoyed around here. So fuck you and your opinion.

Why adaptions don't put the same feeling at times? Simple. Wrong studios. Some just fit like a glove for some and others it just doesn't click.
>Why are there so little interesting, well animated action anime that doesn't rely on manga?
Why don't you watch more anime?
what is birdy decode
what is seirei no moribito
what is any imaishi anime


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