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The great debate
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Right "died" to make the world a better place. Left made the world a better place and then died.
One is a good anime, the other is overrated crap.
Reinhard, no contest.

New episode. Its time for her!
You know the one character that anon used the Live2D model while masturbating.
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Why is he so perfect?
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>show looks cute
>4-minute episodes

Where can the story even go? The world is saved and all the baddies are gone.
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Lelouche becomes a new "bad guy" for contrived reasons, or some literally who gains power out of nowhere and Lelouche comes back to put them in place.
I think it would be interesting to see what lelouch (who was still a teen by the end) does with rest of his life

He faked his death and it's just him and his waifu after all, maybe we'll get a slice of life where they start their own rice paddy farm together and have 10 babies
He left the world without an iron rule on the fairy-tale assumption that everyone would just cooperate peacefully. It's very easy for trouble-makers to arise in such conditions.

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>this trash keeps getting more media
>yume nikki doesn't get anything besides a mediocre manga that fails to expand on the game
Fuck you
I want to see Ib get an animation

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What is his Quirk?

I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure
And it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life!
Larger than life

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perfection, prove me wrong
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Get rid of most of the cappy people and then I'd agree.
Make the show about daddy ddd and youve got a deal

The greatest opening in anime.

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How can a series with such a ludicrous amount of best girl potential fuck up badly enough to include Nakata as a character?
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All black haired girls a best, brown haired shitters can leave.
Absolutely this.
Rihoko is just as if not more shit than Sae
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Glad you can agree, anon.

Also post Amagamis.

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Okay, so the Seiren site has updates for all the girls we've seen so far, and a new girl - this time, the protagonist has a year-older onee-san, who is introduced as "Miss Santa promoting younger brother's rise to adulthood".

So now that we can gauge them all, who's your favorite?

Also, Ruise is the new Sex Hair.
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Why is there no megane?
what is this about
it's a series from the creators of free and yuri on ice

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His voice actor died right before more Code Geass...
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This is your generic character shoehorned into a classic series by an out of touch director that directly appeals to the fan base that is destroying anime for tonight.
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But she's cute
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She'll save the last movie.

Do you think it really will all just come back, /a/?

All the trolling, all the board flooding, all the writefagging and drawfagging, all the memes, all the trainwrecks, all the fabulousness? All the laughs, all the crying, all the hailing and ruling, all the good times?

Will Geass Sundays truly return?
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I have no idea what you're talking about if that answers your question.
Stop being a melodramatic bitch, 90% of what you mentioned still happen daily.

Alright Jojo fags, lets see how many of you have good taste in music

Rank the OPs/EDs
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Not really a rank but I love chase and stand proud the most. CNBT is close in there, just wish I could find the full EDM remix
Best op: End of the World
Best ed: Roundabout

>anime has inventive, unique, and fluid animation
>people think it looks like shit
>anime looks like generic and has no animation to speak of
>people think it looks good
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were people really complaining about Mob?
Sakuga will never be able to carry a bad show. See also: flip flippers

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Prez characters are always the best, prove me wrong.
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Aki 8.jpg
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Not always, but I'd say a good 90% of the time.
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More evidence.
Tsukasa was a cunt man.

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I was expecting a lot of things from Zero, but not the overwhelming need to hug Kurisu. Why is Zero so cruel? Who honestly looked at Steins;Gate and said that these people aren't suffering enough? Why can't I put it down regardless?
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>Who honestly looked at Steins;Gate and said that these people aren't suffering enough?

As far as suffering that a real person could deal with, vanilla Okabe is already way up there and Kurisu has some pretty major baggage too. Zero Okabe is basically surviving on antidepressants and the need to not make Mayuri worry and even then he's a pitiful husk of a man.
Just how much more do you want these people to suffer for your amusement?
Know when you throw a bottle on the ground and it shatters. You close your eyes and in that instant, behind your eyelids you can picture it, fragmented and hanging in the air in a million pieces? That will still not be enough.

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