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So does she have pubes down there? She is a half elf after all, the hairlessness might be recessive.
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Interesting question. Do elves have pubic hair? And if no do half elves have none, or just less of it?
Ask >>>/sci/
In some settings it's described that they have no body hair.

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How has he not been sued yet?
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Here's the preview for Chapter 227.


It's a passing resemblance.

why would he get sued? its not as if its an integral part of the series

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>goku used to be hot
What happened?
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Super happened.
I was watching some old DB clips and I'm sort of amazed at how quick and fluid all the fights and movements are.
He's a grandpa now

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Are we never getting our sequel, /a/?
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Sunrise will never ever stop being mad that their B-team show was more popular than their A-team's show about geology.
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>Lunatic will never be brought to justice
>tfw nothing happened with the most interesting character Lunatic

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Why is there nothing with the aesthetics of ME!ME!ME!? It's so fucking good.
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60fps does matter.webm
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What do you mean why?
I need more of this and there's nothing
life is unfair
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This looks... unsettling.

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He's finally coming back to make /a/ great again, vindicating those of us who've been saying he was alive all along for the past eight years.

How does it feel, unbelievers?
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Old Anime that new /a/ would go into shitstorm over.
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i actually liked onegai twins
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Superior Race.png
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This is why I hate elves.
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What's the point, he is dead. We will never get a proper ending.
Everyone hates elves

Even being a fucking half orc is better than being elvish
He's right though, Elves are the superior race. Elves are the best.

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Lelouch and Kallen will bang in Season 3.

Prove me wrong.
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>Implying he hasn't banged C.C already.

But you're probably right
Lelouch will fuck Suzaku.
The show will still be directed towards school kids who are scared of big boy boing boing time.

They'd be lucky to kiss for fear of cooties.

Does anyone here know sign language? This young girl seems to be trying to communicate with me, but I have no idea what she's trying to say.
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Its the universal sign for "I want to make you feel better"
shes telling you, shes fat
She wants money for her church. Its for a good cause.

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It's out.
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And the Goblins have won.
Any rape?
so? wont be translated till next week

What was her endgame?
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skina notail twintails.png
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Become a dragon.
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deko maagic.gif
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To sleep with a magical girl
It's not fair bros...
I want a gf

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This is Ritsu, say something nice about her
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She's pretty cute for a boy.
She has a lovely wife (Mio).
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She's the best girl one could ask for.

And she's the reason I stopped thinking about killing myself.

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ITT; Guess the anime by it's moral.
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Racism is bad.
report and ignore worthless threads
Code Geass

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get hyped.jpg
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Yuyushiki OVA release on February 22.
It will be special "13 episode" with theme of late summer/early autumn and made as continuation to series.
My body was not ready.

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thumbsup fumi.png
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Fumi approves of this.

Is this our /yys/? It's Tuesday in some places, at least. Like here in Britbongia, god save the yuyus
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Fumi da!
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Lewd yuyus

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