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I want to fuck Haibara until she can no longer stand
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In german she calls it wölkchen which literally is a cutsiefied version of cloud(Wolke)

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Ole Golazo does not look gay, but it does look kinda lame. If you want a cool soccer manga, read 1/11 (Juuichi Bun no Ichi). That's some powerful shit.

World Trigger is still on hiatus, but might be back soon? A popularity poll was released and the next volume is still going to go on sale.

1568 for spreads
The Promised Neverland: http://www91.zippyshare.com/v/se5cLQqL/file.html
Shokugeki no Souma: http://www91.zippyshare.com/v/stOQvV8G/file.html

Boku no Hero Academia >>150301963
Red Sprite (END) >>150302474
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okay, let's read this shit together

this will take a while, don't have a pass at the moment
Reminder that OP Artist and the author of Black Clover where assistants of the author of Psyren.
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Since it's Cerea's birthday in Japan I translated this comic like an anon asked.
Hopefully this counts as "new" content. I guess keep this thread about Cerea as much as possible.

Cerea's Birthday (First half)

//Oh hey *music note*

Yo, Darling!

//What're ya doing at a department store?


Ms. Smith.

//It's almost Centorea's birthday right? Did you come to get her a present?


//You scamp-<3 I'm super jealous!!

Oh you knew it was today.
//I'm impressed!

So, what's up? You going to buy her an engagement ring?

//Ahh I'm super jealous!!

//Ha ha ha

I'm not. I don't have the money for that.

Don't tell me, You're giving YOURSELF as a present!

//No way!!

//give you my everything<3

Ms. Smith,

Please stop thinking like an old pervert.
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Page 2

Cerea's Birthday (Second Half)

[The day of]

So what did you end up getting?

Oh, actually
//Hey what'dya think you're doing!!

Someone at the shop really recommended a set of horseshoes

Ahhh~ Darling...
For a centaur, that would be like...

An engagement ring, you know?

//You didn't know?




//Ah, well, no...

Explain yourself right this instant!


I don't get to show up?
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Happy Birthday to the buxom blonde with a heart of gold. A gift from her to anon.

Cough cough, nudge nudge TTF. ;^)
Don't worry about it too much if you are busy.

Night/Morn /a/, I'm going to hit the hay.
Thank you!
Btw Loen, looks like alot of people liked your pic

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which one of the main villains is the most popular with girls?
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Probably Dio.

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Do you like drawing anime characters and assorted waifus, and requesting such drawings from other anons, /a/? Oh, what a coincidence; let's discuss and draw. I'm sure I can draw a few things today before my hand goes numb.
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>If we pretend this isn't a general maybe we can have a drawfag general
Good luck
Could you be a little less sarcastic?

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2016 is the year of unreal
Does it really count if all this cool stuff is coming out in 2017? Honestly I think this is the universe's way of rewarding us after such a terrible year.
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Gook scans are out, by the way. No more Donarudo this week.

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Did everyone enjoy the new movie?
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Did the Jews enjoy their stay in Auschwitz?
You'd be surprised.
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This is your protagonist for tonight.

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Grisha did nothing wrong.
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He's a cheating bastard
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>was one of the reason of his cute sister death
> Spread delusions about Ymir
> Forced his little son to join enemies army
> Probably ate Kruger
> When he arrived to the destination forgot about his group aims.
> Know a lot of useful stuff but didn't tell anyone about it
> Didn't save Carla and Dina
> Ate powerful member of royal family but did nothing to stop warriors
> Instead forced his second young son to take this power and responsibilities as well.
He's total shit, anon. There's no need to defend him
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So chapters now out on Manga Stream!

The hype is real for next chapter to see everyone reacting to finding out Natsu is a demon and will die if they kill Zeref but of course he'll somehow survive. Plus the "death" for Natsu what I'm assuming is END permanently awaking

Thoughts on the chapter?
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I can't believe it... a fight where no FT members stuck their nose in? Impossible.
I didn't expect that, he win
Mashima will ruin Christmas with Wendy's "death".

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Took much longer than anticipated, I kept losing interest in continuing.
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Then thanks a lot
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Moments in anime you have to pause to fully enjoy.

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You've got to admit that Kirino Kousaka has got it where it counts.
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So many moments here but I especially liked (1:28) when Homura shoots Mami's gun away. It's really quick and hard to miss but it's so satisfying.

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>be best boy
>powerful witch
>not in the first official poster
>off model as hell and at the background of the second one
>was his whole career behind Victor's shadow
>even his birthday is one day after Victor
>cucked by a chad
>ex is a basic bitch
>no chibi figure

Did Kubo make Georgi only for suffering?
Does the staff hate him?
When will we see him again?

We pray for Georgi and for previews.
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So close to dubs, yet so far. ;_;
Also reminder that an anon is making an YOI sings History Maker, submissions in mp3 format at [email protected] until December 14.
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Here's a little story about the life of Wataru Hatano

>forced to play fujo roles his whole life
>his own mother mentally pushes him to make more money from fujo roles, preferably being the uke
>sells drama CDs of her son getting raped everywhere, including her workplace
>embarassed on daily basis
>his only love was JoJo
>JoJo made him forget about others literally raping him in fujo
>his favourite part is 4
>his favourite character is Josuke
>got offered to voice Josuke in several medias
>happy like never before
>finally doesn't have to get taken up the ass for fujobucks
>based Sugita bought him a Josuke shirt and told him he is the best Josuke there could ever be
>didn't even get paid much for Josuke roles in games, just happy he could voice him
>Diamond is Unbreakable animu announced
>Wataru gets call
>he picks up
>it's fucking David
>they tell him he is not getting the role
>role won by a guy who probably sucked producer's dick
>mentally devastated
>dude is legit crying because of it
>back to fujo hell after Eyes of Heaven, starting with Arslan
>even took role of Metal Bat in OPM just because he looks like Josuke
>just to be Josuke again
>he is an empty shell now

At least he got to sing YOLO

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Fuck off
Does anyone even watch this faggy show?

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Show me your war face!
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