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>For S2, he will try to make the anime 'more moe' to prove he too can make a moe anime.


Notice the cancer only comes out two thread ago?

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Which Ama would you gami?
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Don't even have to think about it.
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What are all your thoughts on the "sequel" coming this Winter?

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Will we get new bakas in Final? I want more Bakas.
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I'm hoping we get a half-baka half-smart team. Like Australia!
So you want Anzio with more Chovys?
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That sounds mighty dangerous, but fun!

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It's been long enough since the last thread. Don't forget that Comiket 91 will happen in a few weeks (previews for things to be released then are already showing up at the usual sources) and most likely so will the yearly lottery, so don't miss the chance to get one more free hath per day unless they decide to change something this year. (please don't change anything)

To change things up a bit, post some of your oldest favorites.

And don't forget to ignore shitposters.
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Anything in particular standing out to look forward to?
Going from what I've seen on pixiv so far, an exhibitionism book about Ilya and Kuro by 774 and a new CG set by As109.

>It's been long enough since the last thread

Because every sad panda has been a shitstorm on whether these threads should stay here or be moved to the NSFW boards since they moved djt to /int/.


xration's sanjou onigashima conclusion

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Spoilers out. Shifter cancer is real.
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AM will have a baby.
I want to _____ Annie's armpit
I'm so sad.

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Draw anime things and request other anime things.

Come one, come all, and draw to your heart's content.
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Tell me with who for this
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Requesting colors for my bootylicious goddess
Neptune ref: http://i.imgur.com/LyLoMWX.jpg
Requesting an angry and embarrassed Frenda being led around on a leash after getting subdued and kidnapped by the mafia. She's done up and dressed like a cheap hooker, with an open-sided dress similar to this
or this
Whichever is more embarrassing to wear in public.

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You're walking down an alleyway and you see this. What do you do?
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Take a picture, then upload it onto the internet.
Turn around so she can transform safely without me seeing it.
Punt them across the street like footballs.

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Missing Pastebin info.
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Take this button I made and use it well my friends
>right to left

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How is everyone finding the anime?
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Pretty nice, can't wait till a couple days and there's a new episode.
the only thing I donĀ“t like about it is how poorly drawn is Ash. Other than that is pretty good
I think it's been pretty fun so far. I didn't watch the XY series so it's basically a nice little refresher for me after such a long time of not watching Pokemon.

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Also Mayoiga thread
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Post best girls

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New Keijo chapter has come. Speed duel is getting ever faster!!!!

Previous major threads
Volume 11 >>150449364
Volume 12 >>150465945
Volume 13 >>150510000
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>no dojins
>only 1 buttjob pic so far

One nuke wasn't enough. We need to finish them off.
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T-this speed!

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Spoilers rolling out.
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LM soon.
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Eren for best boy.
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So, if this wasn't the ultimate ship sinking fest.

Does him dying when he turns 23 or 24 mean we can finally stop bitching about Eren ships?

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Why was Anubis's VA so good?
How about we ask Kira to activate bite the dust whenever jojofags make a new thread on /a/
Is Little Jolyne goes to Morioh canon?

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little salt
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fuck this phone I meant Flappers
Will Nyunyu ever do something?
>in the OP since episode 1
>showed up in episode 9 to not say a word
>didn't even do anything in the preview except rubbing her skin on objects
I get the feeling that she's related to Salt.


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Barcelona the city of Love/Ai/Amor
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stupid russians. always buying knock offs
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