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It's a fine line
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That melodramatic shit is anything but comfy.
both are SHIT
People here didn't even dislike 3Gatsu this much in the manga threads before the anime happened. I don't get you guys at all.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!


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2nd Christmas without moot.

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>On the first day of Christmas, by true love gave to me...

A Shinki hiding behind a Christmas tree!

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There are those who build a relationship with their waifu by collecting materialistic objects. Fumos, artworks, animations, etc. These people collect as much of it as they can then brag on the Internet about how much they love their waifu. They do this for weeks, months, maybe even a year or two, but eventually, they get bored and move on. They either find a real life, 3D woman to be with and drop their habit, or they find a new 2D waifu to love. They might come back every now and again to their "original" waifu, but they eventually move on again and again.

Then you have those who build a relationship with their waifu in their heart. Some of these people may have materialistic things of their waifu, but others will refuse objects like fumos due to it being a "poor substitute." Some people become so attached to their waifu at the mental level that the waifu in their own mind becomes a mirror image of themselves combined with the love they so desire.

But let's take that a step further.

Some people love their waifu so much that they will learn everything they can. They learn their waifu's "canon" mannerisms combining them with their character in "canon" material with "canon" material in other forms of media, folklore, written instances in religious texts, etc. They then go back to their own past and find instances where they were attracted to guys/girls because of these same traits. Using meditation, these people find instances deep within their psyches explaining why they like these traits so much. These experiences combined create a desire to be with their waifu so strongly that it warps their own reality to the point where everything revolves around their waifu:

- Attracted to a girl? Why? Oh, it's because ___ reminds me of (waifu)
- And so on

With that giant wall of text out of the way, my question is: On a scale of 1 to 100, how "sick" are you?

Is your waifu just a flavor of the month, or are you past the point of no return?
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Everyone here is a normalfags cucks pretending to not be a normalfag.
You should have asked /a/ this 10 years ago.

/a/ is too full of normalfags these days.
I can't wait for this blogshit garbage to hit bump limit

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Samon works hard
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Oh shit what is this

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>shit worldbuilding
>shit pacing
>shit art
>shit plot full of asspulls
Why do people like this again?
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because ant arc best arc
the 1999 version had better art. 2011 looks too bright and happy
What else did you expect from run of the mill shounenshit

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W-what did he mean by this, Sakurabros?
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>Raped day and nght by thousands of worms.
I'd be surprised if she was tight.
Her comment of "Yours is really big" instead of "You're really big" is the more biting part of that scene.
Stop! He must've meant something else.... He meant 'tight' like 'cool'.

Pretty cool, but why should I ever learn how to undress a police-officer?
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schoolgirls are more relevant.
Maybe you are investigating corruption among police officers. And you need to stripsearch them.
Those cop uniforms are pretty hot especially if they go bare-legged.

Try to post a more generic looking character.

Protip: You can't
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You say generic, but there's just some that stands about Mechazawa.
Are you that butthurt guy from rectangles thread?
He's a rotund, but still colorful character.

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What did he mean by this?
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Human can build big shit.
>reddit filename
>/tv/ shitpost

What's with the influx of you people here lately? I thought you simply began to discuss anime on /tv/ since your reddit faggotry failed miserably in this board.
"Don't fuck with us we have nukes and shit"

It was a good moment, showed that Nen isn't the be-all end-all in the HxH world

It's been a year and a few months and I still find myself going back and watching it. This shit has fucking ruined anime for me by being so good.
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I can't wait until it ends and there's a time skip epilogue where we see Hotaru and Kuma-chan living together.
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Me too, though Flying Witch did fill the void a bit this year.

You are spawned as a high school-aged boy in the K-On! universe, attending a high school in the same town as Sakuragaoka High School while the four original girls begin their first year of high school. What's your first move?
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Obviously, I would watch anime and read manga like in my 3D-real life.
Or did you think anybody gives a shit about these girls if they existed as a real life equivalent?
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>Spawning as a Jap dude
Kill myself because my dick is small and life in Japan is shit.
I'm going to have to agree with other people in the thread and say that it doesn't sound that much better than my current position to be perfectly honest.

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So is this show actually good or is it just Fujobait?
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>So is this show actually good or is it just X?
That line is being repeated often enough that it could be included in the list of /a/ thread titles like
>this is your X tonight
>ITT: overrated shit
>/a/ suddenly hates x
and so on.
good show

I don't know how much this episode is old but I'm quite shocked I didn't know about this.

If anyone missed it, a new full episode has been released about this whole horse racing thing they are promoting.

I guess the episode is extremely only for adult views and got too really shady with some puns ? they don't hold back anything.

Anyway, osomatsu-san thread.
Karamatsu still best matsu.
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Its soggy milk old.

It came out two days ago.
Yeah it luckily felt like a regular episode, and didn't make me want to bet on horses in the slightest.
In this special Osomatsu finally lost his virginity, correct?

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Left or right, /a/?
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The slut.
Left is more visually interesting, and probably a better person.
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You, OP.

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Terra ForMars Asimov Chapter 12
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Get it here. I'll dump a few pics like usual.
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