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>Rin and Arturia constantly getting threads left, right and centre

Why doesn't the real best girl not get appreciated enough?
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Not even best Rider
pic unrelated

What is it that makes Rider best class?
No one wants a girl who are taller than them.

Subs out senpais
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post sayaka

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Happy Yuri Day! How are you going to celebrate this wonderful day, /a/?
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Never heard of it.
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Today is the day that yuri becomes canon in Hibike Euphonium!
Sure, sure.

Can the new Yamcha feats beat Saitama's feats?
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His name is one punch man you fucking retard its literally in the image
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What is Yamcha's potential?

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What did she do wrong, /a/?
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Take drugs.
she was the main character for a ShindoL work.

How come Japs love to write hyper-detailed, keikaku-heavy stories and Westerners never do it? E.g., Kaiji, Death Note, Liar Game.

For most type of anime you can fairly easily find a Western parallel but the "keikaku doori" genre seems to be isolated to Japan alone.
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How the fuck would we know?
Seriously though, go ask >>>/tv/
Breaking Bad or Dexter or some shit just go watch a crime thriller you moron
Yeah, you know nothing about western media.

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Will the movie end up being better than the manga?
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What I want to know is if they're going to give us an actual romance subplot.
Wasn't there one in the manga?
Yes because in the movie they don't make the movie.

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Name a deeper anime than Hunter x Hunter.
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Boku no pico


digimon tamers

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Does /a/ love the Goddess of Victory and rightful Empress of the Britannian Empire, Cornelia li Britannia?
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best hips

Sorry, what were you talking about ?
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I'd love to fuck her brains out that's for sure.

Why is there so many jokes/doujins about a creepy love relationship between Tai and his sister in Digimon ?

Is there a scene in the original anime giving ground to this weird shipping ?

Also why Digimon lost to Pokemon ?
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Fuck off takari shitter.
I think we can all agree incest is creepy... oh wait I'm on /a/. Sorry, nevermind, go on.
Hikari looked so cute as a kid, it's such a shame that she grew up to be ugly.

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How is this possible?i understand that Lelouch may have survived via immortality at the end of season 2 but literally why? I understand that fans always want more but the end of season 2 was literally perfect. Any ideas on how they could build on season 2?

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I'm hoping for something like mushishi. Just them travelling the world helping people solve their problems.

Code Geass never goes small, though, so I doubt it will happen.
Who cares, shouldn't we be happy we're getting more content?
>dystopian future
>world got nuked
>some warring nations that survived and one hegemonic
>Bunch of wastelands with warring tribes
>Suzaku became immortal and turned into batmanlike or maybe kenshiro figure after no matter how hard he tried to uphold the law and morality and all that shit the world still went to shit
>lelouch had a daughter with CC
>the daughter was born sick
>CC passed the geass to her
>Cop out convinient plot point that kids born fro holders can receive the code of their parents regardless of the rules
>CC dies
>Lelouch has to rekt the warring nations and build a country her daugther can live in

There its perfect

So I recently found a bunch of TerraFormars manga in a storage bin at a yard sale, so i got them for about 10$. Was it worth it? I like it so I guess.
Anyone else seen this, I know there is an anime of it now as well so I'm hunting that down. Whats /a/'s opinion of this series?
But in all seriousness how the fuck does this M.O thing work... can you splice a chimp into a person to make them extra fucking violent? And why not locate a person compatible with an ironclad beetle (those bastards laugh at being stepped on)? I have so many questions on how the procedure works and why arthropods are god tier...
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Pure mindless fun and the authors now it, just relax and let the retardation vortex suck you in.
a retardation vortex does not sound like a good time...
This is 2racist4me.

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What is it like to be loved by a Shinka?
What is it like to be hated by one?
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What is it like to be a Shinka?
Bags of sand
Sexually harassed, stared at all the time, every day, back hurting for various reasons.

What the fuck did i just watch?
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A cute fantasy romance anime with neat art.
There's no cuter girl than Chroniko.
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Shes perfection.

Also, tfw you realize she calls her aunt her mother because her memories of her mother were sold.

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> camera pans up into the sky
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>I love you
>Eh? Nandatte?
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>He's fast!

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