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Watch the anime's OP on youtube and then never watch more. The anime fucks up the manga's ending because the director hated the story and ending. The manga's ending is really good and worth reading for it.
How does it differ? Spoil the anime for me.
Something something space arabs, something.

Are all mooninites as bottom-heavy as Takane?
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You can't just make the same thread and expect it to work again.
tell that to the fuckers who spam Rin threads every day
A thread was deleted to make space for this one

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Say "ahhhh"
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Kirin and Julis best girls.

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So sick mask was a girl.

Are all the Necromancers except the brother and the dead guy gonna turn out to be women?
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So do artists with a thing for thighs have a natural talent for drawing perflat chests too?
I always like the author's way of putting omake's at the end of his chapters. Also thighs.
He likes women of all sizes burger he prefers thick

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It's pretty much over already.
Time flies.
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>Time flies.
It does when you're having tanoshii.
I will riot if there's no Season 2.
So was this show decent? i dunno if i should watch it

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>Bright eyed young ginger girl

what a new and refreshing concept from him
Looks alright, I'm sure I'll never watch it.
He probably got triggered so hard by the CGI that he decided to make another project

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Do you feel bad if you binge watch a whole series in a day or two? Do you feel like you missed out on essential viewer/character relationships that develop with time? Or do you just not give a fuck and like to watch a whole show play out at once?

Pic related, binged watched yesterday and I feel like I'll forget it all in a couple weeks even though I thought it was fucking great. Just didn't spend enough time with the characters to develop a special caring for them.
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did that with saekano over a few days. I think I miss out on some stuff but it's a generic harem anime anyway so probably not that much
also with tatami galaxy, probably warrants a rewatch on that one
i felt bad when i watched it at 2X speed.

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Why did Lelouch drop so much spaghetti in this scene?
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His mind was racing between "smash the retarded ginger's pussy" and "smash britannia" too fast to think properly.
He was wondering why his boiclit felt funny.

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Did you wish her a happy birthday yet?
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Already did but I will say it again anyway

Happy birthday my emperor!!
How many men has she had?

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>you will never be anime
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>you will never be this cute
>mfw you will never be a faceless old man raping girls.
>you will never be a cute girl who gets raped by old men

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>used to watch this on tv as a kid but never finished the story
>decide to watch again for nostalgia value
>pretty repetitive but I'm enjoying it
>finally get to the final season
>each episode is like 6 episodes crammed into one, pacing completely gone to shit
>feel like I wasted my time
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Honestly i'm just glad that it managed to get animated from start to finish. End was rushed but passable at the bare minimum
I guess.
But still, the first 167 episodes cover the first 355 chapters of the manga, the last 26 episodes cover the last 203. I don't get why they couldn't just put the project on hold and then continue it preserving its format. Was there so little interest in seeing the anime completed that they just did a "might as well finish this shit off" season?
>Never watch this in school
>Always saw it as the stupid shit the weeb girls watched
>Try watching it
>It's mediocre, but not as bad as I expected it to be
>The ending credits though are somehow absolute god tier and are the best I've seen for a anime, and pretty much any show ever

The best way to experience it is to just watch the end credits and imagine how epic the series would have to be to live up to that. Then don't do anything else.

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>tfw we used to be a happy family
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who's the one on the left?
Our dearest Clovis.
This is how godlessness destroy people. Dont ever fall from the atheism jew /a/

I just watched Strawberry Panic and I am absolutely buttblasted. That's all.
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Is this good? I've been looking to try some more shit like this, I liked Marimite.
I liked it, the only problem is that I wanted to see more about the other schools and the other girls.

It's Marimite, a step down from the refined atmosphere, a step up on the gay.

Also, I'm still mad

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Kuzu no Honkai gets live action adaptation.

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>people want to see this in real life
I want to see how they'll adapt the part where Hanabi gives a handjob.
I want.

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I was unpacking and found this in one of my bags. What do I do?
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Monologue about how annoyed you are with your fantastic life of fantasy and adventure.
That's obviously not your bag, close it and bring it to the lost and found.
Don't forget to completely ignore any sense of propriety or legal adoption methods when you decide to take care of her anyway.

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