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> he doesn't hone his drawing skills every day in order to capture his waifu's beauty

How can you say you love her?
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I know I pale in comparison to ccreayus. All we can do is express our dedication as much as we can every day
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>she posted another one

Damn, that's 3 days in a row. Sasuga , creayus.

I love C.C.
Surely creayus' skills have reached the very apex of displaying C.C.'s beauty.

What would be the point of having C.C. in S3? Official art and animation would only pale in comparison.
Therefore I would suggest to CG S3 production committee to remove C.C. completely.

Why is Galko so perfect?
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>i only look like a slut, i swear

It's crazy how nobody gives a fuck about Inuyasha anymore.
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It was good for like 20 eps before it started going in circles.
The anime ended. The manga ended. No new content for ages. What is there to talk about?
You mean like, 5 episodes.

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So is berserk God Idea of Evil just the collective unconscious from code geass
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The face I made in real life when reading this was 10 times worse.
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That's old news.
I'm not clicking this shit.

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Why are feminine penises the best?
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Because they're not
I'm going to marry Yoichi!
Because you are a faggot

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theres a lot of debate over what is and what isnt
so /a/, how would you pinpoint exactly what makes one?
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This isn't going to be a proper literary definition, but a deconstruction series is one that is self-aware of its genre and makes use of known tropes and expected plot progressions, and either inverts or subverts them to explore suppositions that are taken for granted within that genre.
We'll discuss but first give us sauce for that comic i lost my imgur album of it.
We have a winner

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More color scans. But B&W first.
43: Sagiri-san flips in the Cultural Festival
[Right side] Oh no...!
[Left side] *Ameno Sagiri-san just realized now that she was spacing out eating a meat bun while everyone was looking at her.

[Bottom left] JC Volume 4 out on sale!!
Miura Tadahiro
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>tsundere ninja chapter
i'll pass
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The day of the Yukemuri High Cultural Festival
"Would you like to shoot some targets!"
"Taking challengers for the Russian Takoyaki Challenge!"

"O...oh, those girls sure are cute, right?"
"Big boobs...!"
"Huh...? Is that the eyepatched girl from before...!?"
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"So this is the school Kogarashi-kun's going to"

"A festival without the presence of deities... is something quite strange"
"There are so many good smells...!"
"There really doesn't seem to be any liquor..."
"Kogarashi-kun's play is in the afternoon. Where do you guys wanna go?"

"Personally, I'm kinda curious about Sagicchan's class"
"Sagiri, what's your class doing?"
"I-it's nothing interesting! You should pass by other places, okay!?"

Ah forgot this.
[Right side] Many different kinds of people are coming to the cultural festival.

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>artist grows out of his lolicon phase
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>artist grows into his insectgirl phase
Name 267399 artists that did this
>artist grows into fat titmonster phase
You know who I'm talking about

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How does /a/ feel about it now that it's finally over?
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good riddance.
I wonder how White Fox will give sense to S2 given how they handled that scene and the stuff they cut later, because given what they did will not make sense for Subaru to suddenly go insane over Rem.
What, like, the novels?
The anime was over quite a while ago by now.

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What will anime be like in the next 10 years?
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What Berserk is today.
Exactly the same

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what does /a/ think of Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku?
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It was kinda sad
fairy tale trying so hard to be dark. waste of time
Deconstructed the isekai decades before Re:Zero.

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Worst fucking charterer in anime History
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he is just a fuckng obstacle
He's just a turbo manslut.
They don't call him Slutzaku for nothing.
Kircheas wannabe

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my wife.jpg
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This is my wife Ilya. Say something nice to her!
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Illya, you look pretty cute and you've got a good heart but how could you marry such a loser?
Your wife is a whore
Is OP a fat balding faceless old man?

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Was Asuka really the best girl?
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Who is moot? Some tripfag?
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Rei is better

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