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post shows where the bimbo with big boobs never had a chance
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How do we save him?
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Kill Yuji Horii.
Find a cure for autism and give it to him. That's seriously the only way.
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Was this the year that anime was saved?
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You know, for how horrible 2016 was in general it was surprisingly good for anime.
>horrible 2016
>4chan gets relevant in politics

This is bait.
>meme shit
>flip flop cunt lickers


What kind of personality does she have?
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Easy to rape

Genki deredere retarded genius. Lala was a pretty awful character.

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A shit. Posting best girl.
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One week for Mine to seal her win with her dragon husband.
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I'd rather do Akame or Esdese.

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>all this talk of slutty rin
Let's have a thread dedicated to the real star of type moon and GO.
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Yeah no, you're not making a thread about my wife.
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But she can't be your wife, she's my wife.
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your wife is shit

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Left or right?
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The Air around them.
Left for sexing
Right for wedding
The Water next to them.

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Best sport anime?
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Not really since it's not a true sports anime. It lacks the chuuni shounen battles disguised as spots matches.
Those and Aim for the Ace.
What's so special about aim for the ace? From what I remember it was as basic as sports anime get but with really bad production values.

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What's wrong with her?

Antissocial? Schizoid?
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Browses 4chan
She seemed perfectly normal to me
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Too much love and too many people complaining about her love.

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Why don't they just use highly maneuver gunships?
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Why does noone ever use high mass scatter shots against mechs?
Like a gauss shotgun with 1kg balls.
Why don't they just put Mecha weapons on cheap mobile platforms?
The BETA would just zerg-rush over them.

Ok. I'm going to ask it once for all
How it is supposed to work? How can Guts move it fast enough so enemies don't have time to react before they get killed in droves? Even after all the shit he went through, Guts is still not portrayed as a superhuman.
I get the sword would be useful for big slow monsters, but Guts fucks ninjas left and right without breaking a sweat.
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I guess its just suspension of disbelief.

His large sword Is probably equivalent to that of half its size in the reality of the world the story is set.
>Guts is still not portrayed as a superhuman.
You must be reading something else.
The way he was born made him slightly unhuman.
Surviving the brand made him super human.
Fighting, killing, and bathing in the blood of apostles while showering in fairy poop every morning made him clearly super human.
The Berserker armor lets him ignore everything that's left of his human limitations.

Guts is more magic then anyone else in his party including the witch and mermaid.
Dragonslayer is 388 pounds or 176 kilograms.
Average human reaction time is 0,2 seconds.

Someone else do the math.

Worker-san and farmer-san are being oppressed desu by the filthy Capitalist bakas! Help me, Anon-kun, in the fight for Proletariat-sama, and to establish a new union of Soviet Desu Republics!
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Why did you enlist the sweet Azusa to be the face of this campaign?
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communism explained by 2hu.png
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>linking to shitaku

They're not dead yet? I thought hulk Hogan killed them.
>implying I go to /v/
This popped up randomly on google when I was doing a search completely unrelated to anime

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Miracles do happen.



>Aniplex opened a website on Thursday to announce the "Project Altair" anime. The announcement video streaming on the website reveals that Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Getbackers, Rurouni Kenshin TV series and OVAs, Mobile Suit Gundam UC) is directing the project at MAPPA (Kids on the Slope, Yuri!!! on Ice, In This Corner of the World). (Note: the video on the official website is region-locked to Japan.)
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Art style doesn't look like it'd translate well to anime
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Opened up new thread because of not seeing it on the catalog, or because the cancerous kingdom shitposting in that thread?

Anyway is fine. Posting trap Mahmut.

What is the point of this show?
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Making me erect.
To be the greatest type moon show of all time.
the identification and detaining of pedophiles

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