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I want Hansode to eat me.
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Reminder from the old times.
>Ajimu or whatever the fuck her name is
this series had some weird names
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>mfw we will never get the Minus Arc animated.

Any Arms Peddler fans left out there?
Any news about the next chapter?
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Beats me anon, maybe someday.
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I love the setting, characters and almost everything about it except the main plot with the sword and the book of keys.

I wish it wasn't there at all.

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I know I'm a little late to this party but whatever.

Why didn't Sorata choose Nanami? WHAT WAS HE THINKING? I'M SO MAD.
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Because at least with the retard he can fuck her whenever he wants and she wont care
And no stupid drama with her
This was one of the rare cases where there was no wrong choice. Say what you want about Shiina, but she had her life pretty well figured out.

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What board does he lurk /a/?
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/adv/. He has suffered more than Lelouch did.
This, he's clearly a closet nazi

>25 episodes
So how long will it take for LWA TV to become a slideshow?
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This was announced as a two cour, 25 episode anime. I guess it would be slide show as early as episode 14.

Other original anime (that weren't announced as 25eps from the start) usually become slideshow by episode 5.
It's Trigger, so 3 episodes, just enough to hook you in, and then a few minutes of good animation each episode, until the last 2 episodes where they spend all their remaining budget.
It won't be "a slideshow". Trigger are very competent and forward-thinking when it comes to consistency and quality. I know they had planned this ahead of time long ago. Space Patrol Luluco was just a side-project mini-series to keep people interested, and this is the real deal where all their workers and effort went to.

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What is this face trying to convey?
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The pleasure of being cummed inside.
What is with her face?
Jew roach in her natural habitat.

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Oh look Saintia Sho is getting an anime adaptation
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Who is the best girl?

The elder sister or the younger?

I want to fuck Erda of Cassiopeia
Saintia Sho is SHIT
It's literally a Gold Saint Otomege.
While my contemporaries enjoyed Saint Seiya I secretly liked Rayearth, Slayers and Sailor Moon more so this is appealing to me.

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Sayaka a shit.
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Im on the fence. what makes this show so appealing?
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You spelt appalling wrong.
Well played.
I am Hachiman figuratively.

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Was Homura wrong to go so far for a person she cared about?
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She stopped caring about Madoka a long time ago. She only cared about being able to fulfill her wish. It consumed her so much that she was willing to completely throw Madoka's wish out the window.
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gendo coffee.png
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Probably. But I'll forgive her becuase she's sympathetic and makes my dick feel good.

Madoka stated she wnats everyone's wish to come true without despairing. If she has a problem with Homura's wish, she should realize wishes are can be dangerous and contradictory and this cute 'have your cake and eat it too' shit was unsustainable.

>his wife is dead...
>good luck.
Why is kumiko such a fucking bitch?
Why not tell her that she has is a crush on a 35 year old men that has his life together while shes in highschool and its nothing more than that, a crush
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Terrible post, consider suicide etc. etc.
>has his life together
I don't know about that
or why aren't they eating each others pussies
They did hand holding, thats far enough they can go

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Pro tip: You can't.
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Here's five.
years later and i still want her to femdom me
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Nigga pls.

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how do you feel when your waifu tells somebody else she loves him or kisses him or asks him to take her virginity?
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no one took crab's virginity
she asked rararagi to do that
that scene was just an example tho, I meant to ask about these kind of acts in general
kaiki did

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What's the purpose of this character?
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Being an object that Kiri can socially interact with on a regular basis
Teasing /ss/ with Komori

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It didn't have to end like this...
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Is this Finecraft?
>those last untranslated walls of text that seem to be an epilogue to the story

Seems like jingrock to me.

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