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Frieza is to Dragonball what the Joker is to the Batman franchise.
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a villain?
An overused/rehashed one.
Joker is famous because he's a foil

Vegeta is more of a foil to Goku than Frieza was. Only reason Frieza is popular was because it was the highest the scale gotten before it became a repetitive beam spam war.

What's this nigga's problem? Did
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Nope, Higashida doesn't suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, OP.
Meant to type "did the choc give him brain damage"

with whom you want to sleep tonight?
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Delicious Lisha.
>OPs mom not in the poll

Who's the lewdest girl of 2016?
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>love nectar vapor

She was certainly the horniest.

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>A Japanese sword
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>A Japanese shit
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>This is an Owl
Claire > Est > Restia > Rinslet > Fianna > Ellis

Not particularly smart, good looking, athletic, funny or cool yet had 6 girls on his dick. Also who was best girl?
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probably because it's fiction.

If I had to rationalize it, I would probably guess that because he hangs out with so many girls, girls see it as social validation that he is cool to hang out with.
A conversation between my ex-girlfriend and I when I showed her this series:
>Wow. Why is MC such a whiny bitch?
>In shounen anime, the MC is usually made as vapid and pathetic as possible so that he's easy for the target audience to self-insert as
>I think I'd rather kill myself than identify with THAT
>self inserting as male protags
ur ex gf a shit

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He did nothing absolutely nothing
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It is not a question of what he did anon, but who he did
I hope Gino posting never ends
It's not just Gino, none of the fucking Knights of the Round ever fucking mattered.
Fuck, one of them (Nonette), didn't even appear so that she wouldn't get killed (because she became super popular due to that one game).

I swear, R2 was all sorts of retarded.

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There will never be a better anime character.
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Made for nig
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Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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Why are middle schoolers sexy?
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This is an adult woman with a job.
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This is a OL.

>Look under computer desk
>See this

What do you do in this situation?
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Hand her a cucumber and let her experiment with it.
>unzips dick
I only have 4 days to write my final paper, fuck off.

Or alternatively:
>pull off pants
>skullfuck violently
>leave twitching on ground

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she was a lot better in the dub

is everyone mad yet
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hard to get mad when I see Horo
I haven't seen that picture or Horo yet and I'm used to people being retards, so no.
I love the dub because it hams up the Shakespearean dialog that they sink into so often when they flirt, but there's something about Japanese Holo that's really delightful.

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Have you been listening to the best Soundtrack?
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Oh yes

Thank you.

I don't even recall when this song was used and I hope I never do. I hate the 2016 anime more than enough as is.

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Please don't bully me /a/. I just want a discussion on what exactly a Karma Demon is. I relate a lot to the story, but can't quite understand the moral. Someone please help?
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"This story is from about eighty years ago. There lived a boy in the village. He was an incredibly bright child, but had one flaw. As he grew older, this flaw became more and more obvious. He was extremely proud of his intelligence and looked at everything else with disdain. He pretended to accept the teachings in school and from other adults, but the important lessons never really reached his heart. He began to sneer at the foolishness of adults and laugh at the laws of the world. Arrogance sows the seeds of karma. The boy gradually drifted away from his circle of friends. Loneliness became his only companion and confidant. Loneliness is the seedbed of karma. In his solitude, the boy spend a lot of time thinking. He thought about forbidden things and questioned things better left alone. Unclean thoughts cause karma to grow unchecked. The boy unknowingly built up more and more karma, and transformed into something inhuman — a karma demon. Before anyone knew, the village was empty; everyone had fled in fear of the karma demon. It went to live in the forest, but all the animals there disappeared too. As the karma demon walked, the plants around it twisted in all sorts of unimaginable shapes and rotted. All the food it touched instantly turned into lethal poison. The karma demon wandered aimlessly through the dead, deformed forest. Eventually, it came to realize that it shouldn't be living in this world. The karma demon left the darkness of the forest. Before his eyes, he saw it, wreathed in a glittering radiance. He had arrived at a deep lake nestled in the mountains. It walked into the lake, thinking that water as pure as this would surely cleanse him of his karma. But the water surrounding it instantly became dark and murky, and started turning into poison. Karma demons should not exist in this world. It understood that, and quietly disappeared into the bottom of the lake."
^^^ for reference, if this thread doesn't die in about 2 secs
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Damn. Why does /a/ always ignore me

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Just marathoned the first episode. The animation was surprisingly good but the panning still-frames in the middle of action scenes got tiring, fast. Do they ever stop doing that?
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>marathoned the first episode
Do you know what marathoning means?
>"Hey guys, I'm fucking this girl. It feels pleasant in my penis, but it gets a bit too sloppy at times. Should I keep pounding?"

>"Hey guys, I'm eating this steak. It tastes good but it has a bit of blood on it. Should I keep eating it?"

>"Hey guys, I'm breathing. It allows me to not suffocate but it's a bit repetitive. Should I keep breathing?"

>"Hey guys, I'm in the bathroom taking a shit. My belly feels relieved but the place started smelling a bit bad. Should I keep shitting?"
>marathoned the first episode
I don't remember any still frames, so they probably do.

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Is there any series in which autism is portrayed as an actual grotesque disease instead of a bakakawaiidesumoebait cutesy excuse for horrible writing?
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It's called your life.
Damn, I wanted to be the first one to say this.
you're not allowed to call mental disorders diseases anymore anon


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