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What did /a/ think of this?
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Fun. Threads were nice. Then they became gay. Then they became REALLY REALLY gay. And now they're cancer.
This is true , sadly>>150968747
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Historia PP.png
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Ready for round 2 shitposting in April. Along with TITANREVEALS and all the new fanart for Historia from the people who don't care about manga.

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NoitaminA July 2017

Character design: Yasuda Suzuhito
Script: Machida Toko
Director: Suzuki Kaoru

Kaji Yuki AS Tomoki Sakai


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A new Free! ?
Mori (Colorful original creator, screenplay for Black Jack OAV, Black Jack The Movie) wrote the original four-volume novel series between 2000 and 2002.

The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closing down after having financial troubles. The club's new coach persuades the club's parent company to stay open on one condition: that the club sends one of its members to next year's olympics as part of Japan's olympic team.

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mc ren.jpg
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Would you play it?
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Only if I can play as Candy Store.
What spec would it needs? Currently saving money to custom build rig with no GPU but i5 6th gen (Integrated Graphic 540) with 8GB ram. Can it play GTA V in low setting without roasting my potato?
>Open-world with thousand of forests and mountains
No thanks

its been a while since the last ika musume thread :(
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no love for the squid girl?
I plan on tearing into this later today. What am I in for? Cute squid girls doing cute squid girl things?

Yeah, I haven't see it yet. Yeah, I'm a faggot.
> :(
fuck off

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/a/ BTFO
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>new product release
Learn to read.
>new product release
Wonder what that is.

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Inuyashiki TV anime PV announcement; airs October 2017 (MAPPA).
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was about to complain that it's 3d, but then i realized the manga is basically 3d too.
Inuyashiki is pretty bland, mostly nothing happens, even in the latest chapters where they rushed the confrontation.

Why make an animu? Is it loved in Japan?

No thanks. Their shows always look like garbage and have shit animation.

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October 2017

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>CG shit
for a story with oldman having alien cyborg body it was pretty fucking boring
How long until 3DCG completely takes over animation?

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Gino will be the MC.
screencap this
and revived euphemia
and charles and marianne would be brought back too but they're kind and loving parents
in fact, everybody should be revived and happy so no wars would be waged
and fully normal nunnally
Ha! That's the Code Geass we know and love!
Gino is not gonna die until he pumps his seed inside every CG girl first.

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I think we can all agree that both Naruto and Bleach had an equivalent drop of quality in both series, but why Naruto never stopped being the second most popular shounen jump series while Bleach became the least popular with time?
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bleach doesn't lend itself as much to shitty fanfiction, shipping cancer etc.
Dude, Kubo added sooo many characters that were always the same; jobbers, trying-to-be-cool glare, bland, one dimensional characters with no character development at all. While Naruto's final war wasn't that interesting either atleast the series didn't circle around just one character.
Kazui is cuter than Boruto.

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Looks like shit. Too bad, was looking forward to it. Manga art is what makes it great, it just doesnt work with generic anime art like that.

Guess will just wait for Live Action instead.
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Screenshot (10).png
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Looks kinda low budget
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Screenshot (12).png
1MB, 2560x1440px

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Dumping ch50 raws
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I dropped this when they introduced the second group of witches. What is happening op?
Welll, they introduced third group of witches, resolved all their troubles, closed all plot lines, found out everything about Yamada's previous girlfriend.
Then slice started, everything was good and lovey-dovey, they all have only exams for uni to end the manga.
But in last chapter author just shit out new drama.
>third group
what the hell

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Was this the absolute peak of both Gundam and Tomino?
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In all honesty yes.
Turn-A was trash and Unicorn is superior in every single way
make your bait less obvious

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Goodbye Anon
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But I am not going anywhere
Thanks again for letting me use your sister and her friend as a toilet, Kodaka. I bet you're just going to pretend that you didn't hear me like you always do, you fucking cuck.
Stop it

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What is your honest opinion on Kyoani?
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Do you make that chart? Why do you praise KnK out of proportion? Even Kimi Nawa's fans didn't make a chart like that.
>knk in the middle
>not disappearance
You fucked up.
I didn't make that chart.

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