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Why are dominant girls always best girl?
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Pic unrelated.
Only true if they're lolis.
was going to post this.

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ibun wo
For example if I told you to kill all the Japanese it wouldn't matter how you felt about it

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Is this normal sibling behavior?
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Pretty normal.
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megane devil.png
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suzu disgust.jpg
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>I am cum

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mean as fuck
The only thing that kept me going through the later episodes was Ami

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So we have the Chinese leaks of the Blood Sign volume 6 illustrations now and volume 5 translations have started.
Blood Sign thread I guess.
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Would have helped if I posted the link to the leak.
>Meinokawa Sisters only show up long enough to get bullied
That's not very nice, Kamachi.
Hell yeah. I'm hyped.

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Lain is for ______
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I want to ______ Lain
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Post your cutest Yuukos /a/
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why did Nichijou flop again?

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Daily reminder that if your waifu isn't a villian or at least morally ambiguous, you're fucking pussy.

ITT: Best female villians/grey morality.
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>sadistic smirk
>morally ambiguous
And yet they always lose.
>having a dead waifu

Pic no fully related. So about the new girl, the "Fuuka 3.0"...
She's not Fuuka's sister... her name is Sakura Katsuragi, and doesn't seem to be related in any way to Fuuka 1.0.

Ok, why doesn't the MC just resurrects Fuuka 1.0 by sacrificng Fuuka 2.0 and 3.0 in a crazy ritual...
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>another escaped rei clone
>the plot thickens
>the fire rises
Fuuka 2.0 should be aware of her surroundings... I hear a truck coming down the alley
Where are Truck-San 2.0 and 3.0?

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Who left this lost child at the airport?
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She really needs adult supervision.
in her ass
I'm 22 and I don't have adult super-vision yet, it seems that even a genius such as Maho is stuck with regular vision at 21.

how much value do you put into visual direction?
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Enough to avoid Reddit:Zero like the plague.
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A lot. I'm a Shaftfag.
Not really. I'm a Toeifag.

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About a year ago, I was reading a bunch of oneshot manga, and I came across one that I really liked, about a girl and her author uncle.

Unfortunately, I neglected to bookmark it, and when I went to read it again, I couldn't find the name.

So I spent the past year looking for this manga, including a /wsr/ thread and looking through the entire fucking list of non-H on sadpanda.

I finally found it today, and to celebrate, I'd like to share it with you, /a/.

Sauce is Hachisu-sensei's Study, from the collection Akai Mi Hajiketa.
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Great one-shot manga. I enjoyed all the stories.
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Chapter 42

I just caught up. I'm really liking Kimetsu no Yaiba. Battles seem to be getting better too.

MC having fire too was cool since his all theme is fire, just wish it was his main and only style. I also think a red blade would be cool. But the black probably has a meaning too. Well it broke so the next maybe red.

Your thoughts?
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fuuuuck i forgot the title
kimetsu got one of the most unique and beautiful artstyles i've seen, hope it doesn't get axed
I don't think his blade will turn Red. The blade guy seemed like red blades while rare, were at least seen on occasion. He had never seen a black blade before meaning there's probably something extremely unique about it that will make our MC OP as fuck.

I think the art-style, panel-work, and atmosphere are extremely unique and powerful. I think it's a bit rough and the mangaka definitely has room for improvement, but you can definitely see that raw talent emanating from his pages.

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Say something nice about Enjo Kosai
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I would legitimately pay $1,000 for a night with Rin.
Rin isn't worth that much, anon.
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Karen is the best TP.

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