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Granblue Fantasy anime postponed to April. A special advance broadcast in January.
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Ahaha, A1 does it again, the PV looked horrendous so I'm not surprised.
wtf? This ruins christmas.
A1 Pictures, anons.

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What if Santa is posting on /a/ RIGHT NOW?
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Santa doesn't even exist how could he post on /a/?
delet, there are a lot of loli on this board now
Santa never gave me a present

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So, what girl MC is going to end up with?
>Series is called Masamune's Revenge
>Masamune doesn't get revenge

Dropped before I even picked it up.
With the Dindu main girl because we can't have nice things.

Maido is the superior girl, has actual character development and proper interactions with the MC.

But we can't have nice things

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Kyon-Kun, denwa
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Dr Anon, neurologist here.

The reason she sits like that is because of her ADHD, she finds sitting regularly annoying.
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I don't know why but this gave me best laugh for the last three days probably.

Is hunterXhunter any good?

Should I watch/read it or is it a waste of time?
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It's good, but don't bother with the manga. The art is so bad it's a chore to actually read it. I can already smell the army of Togashi fanboys rushing to defend his doodles, so I'll just retreat.
I prefer the manga, but every platform is good since the plot is its best feature.
It's good, especially the 2011 anime.

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Director: Naoko Yamada
Script: Michiko Yokote
Character Design: Yukiko Horiguchi
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>Character Design: Yukiko Horiguchi
Too good to be true.
They're not using the Keion design for once?

>Idol anime
new low

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I'm on episode 15, and so far it's just been grown muscular men shooting bubbles at each other yelling, "nooo" about people they just met dying in front of them...
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Part 1-2 are very different compared to 3-8. When you finish 2 test the waters with 3 and if you dont like it then it isnt for you. 3 is very slow though. 4 has more going on.
Don't confuse a bunch of annoying ass underage faggots with the rest of /a/. Jojo is the /v/ of anime.

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What if Santa looked like this?
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I would give her lots of milk with a big black chocolate cookie
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>I sold a an old couple Santa outfits.
>The woman joked the husbandu about how their daughter would hate it.
>Best dad pays for two Santa suits for women.
>I can only imagine what the 2nd set would be used for.
>Never knew store sold those.
>that hips
You need more loomis

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Let's have a festive Gochiusa thread.
Did you rewatch Season 1 episode 11 yet?
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Hahaha nice christmas circlejerk, faggot.
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I'm going to marry Sharo-chan!
You too

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Christmas Mahjong.

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Holy shit you are alive

Merry Christmas Wasted.
I can't play this game on drunk
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Merry Christmas, /a/nonymous.


I need to accept I'm not Saki.

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>Characters doomed to suffer
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Orange a shit. A SHIT.

Silver a best. A BEST.
orange >> *

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Why is Shirley best girl? Why did Kallen end up being a traitor?

What went wrong?

Seriously though, did people really believe Lelouch was dead at the end of season 2?
Can Lelouch actually win a battle if he's not allowed to blow up the terrain

I bet he flipped boards all the time when playing chess back in Britannia

Not-bowman kills not-bowman with a not-arrow
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Two-headed boy dies.
Fate stay night?
Shiro is the red man.

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Tell me 4chan, why does anyone and everyone who doesn't enjoy anime/manga the way we do believe that we are some sort of other species?
Why do they only see us as fetish-filled autists because we happen to enjoy Japanese cartoon stories?
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>giving a shit about normalfags

Just enjoy what you want, all there is to it. If people want to look at anime and fans in a biased, narrow-minded manner that's their own business.
I am a fetish-filled autist so they're pretty spot on.
Because they don't understand it. Why is some grown man watching little girls eat food and talk about desserts? It doesn't line up with the image of what a 20 or 30 something year old man would usually watch, even for anime. Its the same thing with video games.

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