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Why can't he ever have sex?

In the real world, he'd get in like 1 second.
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Be probably had one m8
I'm currently on episode 9, does this show pick up?

I really like Onizuka and I'm watching the dub because hearing Steve Blum makes my big boi panties get wet. However this show seems pretty lackluster. But I love the fuck out of the opening.
same reason Harima can't get any pussy
too cool for vag

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Who's the best antagonist in the JoJo series?
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> Dio>Kars>Everyone Else=Shit>Kira
Valentine is the best villain but Dio is the favorite villain.
Everyone of them is best in their own way and it just depends on the person's tastes except Kars

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The great debate.
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dumbass fucking bitch got outsmarted several times by people without special abilities Light and his fans can all get fucked

the true debate should be L vs Lelouch
Light would win easy. He's much better at grand strategy than Lelouch. Lelouch is better at battle tactics but that's irrelevant since Light won't be on the field of battle
Depends on the circumstances.

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isn't she cute?
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The cutest.
I wish her VA got more roles.
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I want to spend a day making love to Oi-chan

So what do you fags think about the extended preview for the upcoming convicts arc anime?

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Overall good, some parts look kinda cheap. Like Speck's barrage just shows the fists and Hana's face, not him actually throwing a punch. Maybe they just omitted it though. And that CGI Baki at the end gives me bad memories of the first anime. Speaking of which, I that whole sequence with Baki doing pushups and imagination fighting might be part of the opening.

I liked the gore, though. Wonder how it will work for TV, since you can't just black over those blood spurts without covering half the screen.

That manga montage at the start was the part of the whole thing, anyway.
>was the best part
How the fuck did he survive getting shot 6 times. I can kinda excuse Olivia but this?

>Yui will never win
>Despite being the best

Being her is absolute suffering.
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You're a persistent one, aren't you?

Literally a doormat with tits
Rude. Doormats actually serve a purpose.

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>be the superior sister
>no one cares about you

Where did it go wrong?
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Re:Zero really sucks so all the people with good taste aren't there to identify the good girls
Can't be that superior then
>Fucking the Gay Straight Clown
>Best Girl
Choose 1

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Are you ready to see his majesty /a/?

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Will Lelouch finally lose his virginity or will he die a wizard?
does anyone have the archive of the pinned thread when r3 was announced?

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Tell me, who are your predictions on who is going to die?
Also, who do you think is the mastermind?
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The best girl will die, as usual, and the mastermind will be Junko
Danganronpa V3 is a fucking video game.
Junko's cryogenically preserved tits.

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>R3 PV starts
>First scene at LOYALTY farms

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Shinji loves Kawo-
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I lust for R-
Trips confirm, the original scene was hotter.

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What is Takumi was a cute girl?
Just make everyone into girls.
Bam, new touhou/kancolle or whatever.


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What's her appeal?
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she's nice.
Cute looks
Combat meido
Hardworking and skilled
Eliminates all threats
But sweet and adorable
Encourages and aids MC in being the best he can be
And boobs

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Post series where the will of the author greatly opposed the will of the fans.
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Looks good to me
>Had to revive Byakuya because fans complained
>Give a middle finger to fans with the ending
I liked the Ichigo x Rukia pairing like every other person with taste but I won't blame Kubo for doing this.
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but that's not pure anon

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