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So who was actually best doll?
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Is this even a question? Suigintou is one of the most insanely sexy anime girls of all time.

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Why does /a/ prefer loli over anime mature women?
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Why do you even care? raging nigger

Why don't you stick to your shittaste while not bothering other's fetishes?
Mature women can't feel my 14cm dick
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I don't know, but it's always been that way. /a/ made its hatred for mature women known as far back as 2004.

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>15 minutes in
>no thread
What the fuck.

7 hours DJ Wildparty is on.

22:00~23:30 DJ WILDPARTY
23:30~24:20 DJ WILDPARTY
24:20~1:00 DJ WILDPARTY
1:00~2:00 DJ WILDPARTY
2:00~3:30 DJ WILDPARTY
3:30~4:10 DJ WILDPARTY
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I was wondering what was going on.
Just Wildparty all night? Not entirely sure if want.

I mean I like wildparty sure but uh

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Why didn't Madoka just make a different wish?
>I wish magical girl soul gems never filled with despair anymore
Problem solved.
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if madoka wished a keki mami would still be alive
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Because it would ruin the plot.
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Wouldn't work, the despair would just be around the gem or something instead of inside it.

Madoka's wish was perfect, she removes the concept of witches with her own hands, even her own witch, thus becoming the goddess.

Dungeon Meshi is OBJECTIVELY the best "RPG World" manga out there. You simply cannot dispute this fact.
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Its because its one of the few Japan does that isn't actually a video game or uses a ruleset from video games
I haven't read enough RPG manga to dispute it, but I doubt you have read enough to make the claim.

Either way, it's a good manga.
You just hate 2D pretty women, tumblr whale.

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Hey anons, this will be the final Christmas r/a/dio thread I make tonight. Let's see our celebration out with a blast!

Listen at:

Or directly connect to:
stream.r-a-d.io/main.mp3 (embed)

Or if possible, the relay to ease the load:
https://relay1.r-a-d.io/a.mp3 (embed)
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[clapping intensifies]

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Why is she so perfect l/a/ds? Her relationship with Dadruto is fucking on point. Best grill since Hinata won and was fodderized again and made irrelevant but its fine since she ended up winning

>tfw loli love SoL chapters between Sarada and Dadruto

>tfw there's gonna be a Dadruto kissing Sarada in the forehead moment like with Tsunade and Naruto.

Cant wait for Bort chapters after they finish recapping the movie
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i watched the movie yesterday and it;s shit.
Zero redeeming qualities. The power levels in this will reach even more absurd levels than in naruto.
naruto was just a temporary father figure replacement for her before sasuke gave her a modicum of attention

as expected from konoha's orange beta cuck

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What, he referenced a pose? Blasphemy.

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Based YouTube comments
The time of virtual 2D waifus has finally arrived.

What a time to be alive.
Old news.

just binge watched your name and i have to say its anime of the year all year!!
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>binge watched
isn't it a movie?
OP has ADHD.
To him, sitting down and concentrating on a single thing for more than 10 minutes is an accomplishment.
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otome dori.jpg
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This is just more japanese government propaganda to get people to reproduce. They don't know what to do to get people to talk to each other any more so they're trying to convince people to just go up to each other and make believe they knew each other from a previous life. They're that desperate. It's like all the other anime series out right now about "getting jobs", and "going biking" and "doing sports" and shaming otakus as part of the "humor"

Pic related, they think people are suddenly going to become like that guy, get married and have kids and live happily ever after

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I can't think of any legitimate flaws this anime has.

Unique, lively, fun to watch.

Well written, if exaggerated for comedic/thematic effect.

Actually funny sometimes, which is unusual since even comedy anime is almost never funny.

Clearly presented without being shoved down your throat.

God tier OP and pretty good ED.

It's pretty much perfect as far as I can tell. What did I miss?
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garbage art
I gave this show more episodes than I should have, but it did nothing for me. Nothing bad in particular, I just couldn't get into it. I'm thinking it might be a generation gap thing since this apparently did really well with people <25 and not so well with us old folks.
The show actually looks incredible

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Last comic up and it is cute.
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And there are still retards saying that they're not a couple.
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>S2 announcement any day

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What if Subaru and Kazuma switched shows?
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Konosuba would be pretty boring because Subaru isn't funny and Re:zero would still be hot garbage.
Then Re:Zero would be good.
Kazuma would be a peasant somewhere.
While Subaru would actually had decent life because based Aqua-Sama would be there to help him.

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Come up with a new idea for Dragon Ball filler to rival the Driving and Baseball episode.
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Goku goes in for an part time job as a security guard at one of Bulma's testing facilities, hijinks ensue and everyone thinks he's the new ceo of Casule Corp.
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>ywn get Dragon Ball Kart filler with Future Trunks
Goku and Vegeta anal each other all night long

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Just finished Konosuba and there's one thing I don't understand. Why everyone keep arguing about whether Megumin or Aqua are the best girls when Darkness is obviously the one and only best girl?
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Because she's just a pervert with saggy old lady breasts
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>slightly used
Close enough.
Megumin is a good girl.

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