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What if One Piece was about Yakuza with super powers instead of pirates?
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i'd might have watched it
What if Naruto was written by Togashi instead?
>Yakuza with super powers
If seinen, I would watch it.

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Why a conservative, religious cunt like Mexico could get uncut Ranma on air TV and the United States couldn't?
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Because America already has lots of real TV that it produced by itself so it's unnecessary. Shit, nigger, how many TV channels does Mexico have? Probably 2.
Cuz anime tiddies and usually parents don't give a fuck sometimes

But also some Mexicans get beaten by The chancla if they see anime with big tiddies with nipples
But other anime is
t. Tacoman, tacoman~
>But other anime is allowed and fine, like DBZ

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Guy eats her out; beats the fuck out of him and forcefeeds him pussy and floods his mouth with piss.

Was this pretty hardcore for a manga? I'm surprised it's not a hentai. Pretty funny tho. He wanted to eat it and she gave it to him lol

Mods; can you also help put a spoiler on here? I don't know how to. It's not showing.
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Are you gay?
I'll say yes if you say you are.
Sauce? Google gives nothing

Don't mind me, just wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Now post you're waifus.
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Who is that?
Looks like Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver

>[HorribleSubs] Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari - 12 [720p]
I dont want udon anymore.
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After watching this anime I want a tanuki of my own.

This is Koshimizu Sachiko.

She will be your idol for tonight.

Say something nice about her!!
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She is smug !
the smuggest

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Who will be the best girl?
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Silver hair is voice by fucking HanaKana. Dude just fuck my life. Is there anything sacred left in this world.

What constitutes as a "gag manga" character?
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OPM is not a gag manga.
Saitama is a gag manga character.
I don't want to be rude, but why are One Meme Man posters so annoying? Obviously it's comedic, even though it has a lot of action. The high amount of action in contrast to the character is itself the entire joke. Even the main character is obviously based on Anpanman. By the way, to be clear, because just because the premise is comedic this doesn't mean you aren't allowed to like it for the action, or any of the other content. You fuck.

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Do not sexualize the keions.
>no Ui
Never hated a K-ON image this much

How important is good visual direction to you?
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Important enough that I insta-avoid all Kyoanus """""visual direction""""" shit.
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Then you're an idiot, anon.

TLS was great by the way
I watched occultic;nine.

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What anime is there to watch after Serial Experiments Lain (besides Serial Experiments Lain)?

Nothing will ever come close, so why even bother with anime?
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>mfw "that" scene in the final episode
You watch serial experiments lain in chronological order. (I won't tell you the order, you have to look it up)

Is he the second Miyazaki?
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No they're completely different in terms of direction and vision. Stop comparing them.
No longer so different in terms of sales, which is the only thing that matters
Miyazaki was a first rate artist, he's a third rate writer and a hack director.

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Time has begun to move again...
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>teleports behind you
>brings out stand
yare yare daze... kid...
The World = Pause
Killer Queen = Rewind
King Crimson = Scene Skip
Made In Heaven = Fast Forward
Sullied Sins Performed Pretty Inexpensively = Change Channel
What button will Part 8s villain correspond to?
Erase tape

This here is Mashiro-chan

Please say something nice about her!
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Best girl.

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>premise is about getting revenge on some stuck-up bitch
>turns out she dindu nuffin and the MC's going to get together with her

Is it really that hard for Japanese writers to not completely fuck up their totally fine premises?
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>MC and the heroine starts on opposing sides
>They battle, but eventually fall in love after their differences is settled

Classic romance writing 101.
>why is this shounen romcom ending on a happy note
I read this manga for revenge, not this happy shit.

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