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Whats your /a/ related Christmas wish ? Has it come true?
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To be dominated by a loli sexually.
I'm sorry.
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Sorry for what?

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What does /a/ think of Biniki Warriors? Is there any better fanservice currently out?
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I enjoyed it more for the comedy and RPG references/tropes and such than the fan service. I only saw the TV version where there were no nipples so the fan service wasn't even that great.
Did the new OVA get subbed yet?
You have any idea when the new uncensored version will be out?

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What the FUCK was her problem?
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Stuck in a ridiculously poorly written and stupid VN.
A poor man's hitagi
Being worst girl turns you into a bitch

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Rito Yuuki.jpg
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Will this faggot ever evolve as a character? Or are they saving it until the harem success, if it will even happen.
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Rito is just a plot device at this point.
Maybe he will have some character development once Momo completes the harem.

Or maybe the manga will get a third installment and the third Deviluke sister will be the main girl this time.
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Boobs allergy.webm
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>once Momo completes the harem
Best brown girl took over her role.
Momo is officially useless.

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Who is the most underrated/underused DB character?

>Remember when Oolong could shape shift
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toriyama get out

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Megumin could destroy anyone from Re Zero.
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There's two things you can't beat. Best boy and cock. Megumeme doesn't have a chance against either.
nice bakuretsu

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What went so right?
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>three shit games in a row.
>adaptation will be shit
Poor Nero.
>>adaptation will be shit
Didn't you hear? SHAFT is producing it, not Ufotable.

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kira brain damage.png
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It was to show his determination even when on the brink of death and crippled
>he haved
Neo /a/, ladies and gentlemen.

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Even in an alt route, Eriri isn't free from bullying.
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Damn, straight from a writer. Just hurts.
eriri is like third best girl so its fine
>side manga didn't give her a definitive end
>totally BTFO in the main story
>bullied in KM

Eriri can't catch a break.

>onepunch man is 2cm taller than me
i literally cannot empathise with this character anymore
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Wrong board?

But hey! At least you aren't a pooinloo mixed with some chink that is under 140 with a micropenis!

Merry Christmas /fit/-kun
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He's also a cm taller than me. I'm a girl tho.
When will you learn?
are you describing yourself there pajeet

and this is a Anime & Manga character i am discussing so suck it

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/a/. In youth your true self wished to be a hero, did it not? A hero that would save the world. You believed in that. You desired it more than life.

Am I wrong?
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i wanted to be a villain badly
Yeah, I wanted to be a panda
Can I get a Saber for Christmas?

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Everything becomes F.jpg
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Was Subete ga F ni Naru a good anime?
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watch and find out
It had a good ED.

it was like a one-off Persona

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I miss her so fucking much.
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I miss Irimi and Koma
Why did Ishida privatise his Twitter?
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He didn't privatise, he deleted all of his social media outright.

Nobody knows why, but it's pretty worrying.

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What did you think of season 2? Is a third on its way? How did Satou still have the detonation device in his mouth after getting decapitated?
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have enjoyed the fuck out of it
best girl got a triple penetration multiple times
it was ok
It was good. It'd be weird if they didn't make a sequel after going original and ending with such a cliffhanger, but who knows.

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Now that R3 is coming, how do you feel about this?
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I am both happy and sad.
Happy because we get more Lelouch being as edgy as ever, with the chance of making /a/ great again.
We will also get more Orange, Suzaku and Gino so that is a good thing.
Sad because it will ruin his 'death', so he didn't actually sacrifice himself for our sins.
Then there is also the part where Orange will die, which shouldn't be allowed since he is one of the best memes that there has ever created on this board.
Orange is the best character in the series honestly, he's a bro
Is this now an Orange thread?

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