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>tfw in the past 8 years anons have died without confirmation that Lelouch is alive
>tfw in the past 8 years anons have died never knowing about R3
>tfw in the past 8 years anons have died before livestreaming together with us

In other words, I'm HYPED AS FUCK. Anyone else like the PV's tune? It's been stuck in my head for days.
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Lelouch's death was a more fitting end to the series. It's a mistake to bring him back.
The music is from original ost, but i agree its awesome
I distinctly remember one of the creators confirming that Lelouch died.
And now we have R3. I hope Lelouch being alive becomes a red herring just to watch all the fags shout their lungs out.

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Where does one acquire those high quality "figurines" to "hot glue"? Loli preferred.

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dumb frogposter
Except I'd actually like to know and since I'm an American I'd rather not type "nude lolicon figurine" into Google.
you don't come to /a/ often do you?
>asking for spoonfeeding
you'll be banned for this you know, go to /wsr/

Asuka or Rei, gentlemen?
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Only amerifarts drive shity meme cars
Focus is /ourcar/
Lotta evangelion threads tonight
Mustang if it's the V8 model, otherwise the Focus RS.

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Who do you pick as VA of the year?

My pick is Shinichiro Miki as Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super.
He's already got a good track-record but he really outdid himself with his voice-work here
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Your mom
Possibly the only thing redeemable about that asspull ending was Zamasu's voice.

This line is so good, he fucking DELIVERED the character's frustration in seeing this fucking guy who's constantly been a thorn in his side again for the 1000th time

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Why does anime have such a hard time making money? In the west television shows make a profit off ad revenue, so shows with broad appeal that can get high viewership are the most profitable. But in japan it seems that profit comes from DVD sales and merchandise, not ad revenue, so they appeal to a niche demographic of diehard fans most likely to spend money on physical goods. Is this because the television networks have a different deal with the anime studios that makes them loose out on that ad revenue? Or maybe it's because anime is just too expensive to produce to be covered by ad revenue alone?
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> Or maybe it's because anime is just too expensive to produce to be covered by ad revenue alone?

No, ad revenue is the primary source of income for top companies novadays (Google, Facebook for example).

I never actually understood why japs don't take this approach. I also don't understand why do they base their industry on Japan alone? I mean, there are at least several million anime fans abroad, why isn't there a single attempt, by the industry, not the 3rd parties (like kissanime and such), to exploit those views.

Is it a pride thing, or sheer ignorance?
We have things like Crunchyroll and whatever other streaming sites partner with the company, but it always seems half assed. Sites like Kissanime are to blame for this in a way but making shows harder to access if at all legally will make people torrent or stream.
I'm skeptical about how much of crunchyroll's money actually gets back to the actual creators. If I buy a crunchy subscription am I supporting shows that I love, or am I just paying the paychecks of bad translators and enterprising american CEOs?

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How did Visha end up becoming like this?
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she looks like a fish
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What's wrong?
What's wrong with it? You guys like moe right?

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that are good
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one outs.jpg
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OP like dark comedy, good taste
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Good taste

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>tfw you watch bakemonogatari on a thirteen hour flight and make eye contact with the person in the next seat over
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wew lad
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Please, continue.

She knows, she knows she's screwed. By a woman who's not even trying.
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i wish she was my mother.
It's good to see another /ss/ manga on the board.
>Not even trying.

She might not be conscious of it but she wants the D and badly.

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Alternate dimension jum is a cool guy
He wants a real harem, not just dolls.
Voldemort killed his parents

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What do you guys think?
It's kinda old but I still love it.
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Made me realize I'm not alone.
Well what do you clasify as old when it comes to music videos? I realize it's not old, I just meant it wasn't recent and came out a few years ago. Plenty of time for those looking to discover it.

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What makes me think he's a bad protagonist? Can anyone redeem him?
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what makes you think he's a bad protagonist is that he's badly written
From what little I saw of the series he's a decently written psychopath, but that doesn't make him likable or particularly interesting as a protag.
Would you say Satou is badly written?

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Just get in the god damn robot, anon
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what if i want eva-chan to get in me?
>tell Shinji that Eva is indestructible (it's not, but doesn't need to know that)
>remove/fix the thing that for some reason makes him feel pain when Eva is attacked
Boom, problem solved.
>he doesn't

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So when are they going to have SEX?
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When they got married of course, can't get suspected doing premarital in those parts of the world.

Anyway, do a chapter dump.
>3 month break
also og granny needs more screen time

She'd better go back to that one girl and have her track down Mr. Smith.

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Why doesn't Rei ever raise her voice or get emotional?
There is no need to.

Only psycho bitches do that.

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