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what went right?
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The character designs.
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She's growing up. She's not in pedo territory anymore, but into hebe territory.
I want to breed with Kuro

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Final Episode and Second Season announcement.

To be continued.
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Fuck, why Hirano is so lazy? Drifters is really fun to watch but I don't want to see an adaptation like they did with Hellsing.
Oh cool, it's getting a new season? I've really enjoyed this, it's fucking good.

Although yeah my understanding is that there is still not enough content to warrant a second season. Maybe someday...

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I finished this series around a week ago. It was comfy, shame the translations are so far behind.

Let's have a thread. I'll dump the newest chapter.
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How many short series did you watch in 2016 and what were the best ones?
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Bananya is AOTD by far.
Hacka Doll
The best one is Nyanbo, Bananyafags can fuck off.

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Meet the new employer!
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You're fucking retarded.
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So nene is my new boss and signs my pay checks? Nice.
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>tfw the MC of your harem choses the monogamy route.
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One man one woman.
is that worse than not making a choice at all, like 99% of harems?
Tbh I would probably go monogamy in a harem. Just because I know I would have a favorite and give them special treatment and that really isnt fair

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Spoonfeed source
Why the fuck are they even watching anime, much less subbing it? The only possible reason is so that they can be self-righteous cunts about it. They're hanging out with a group they think is low enough that they can feel superior to.
I miss trollsubs

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Hayate no Gotoku 554 scan. Show me the hate, anons.
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>How to these animators expect me to get emotionally attached to a character when there eyes are on the side of their head

>inb4 clannad was so sad!!!11!!!1
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Let me guess, your next complain is gonna be that violate and blue are not natural hair colors
But violate isn't a natural hair color

What is the best fighting style in a SAO environment? Duel welding or a single but more powerful weapon. SAO is my favorite anime and I constantly dream about being transported to that world. Tell me what your style in SAO would be.
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at least try to not be so obvious when shitposting. Its no fun if you're so blatant about it
Well, in Aincrad you'd obviously want to dual wield, because dual wielding essentially means you're the single best player in the fucking game allready. In Alfheim, it's completely irrelevant, because it's fighting system is so fucking dumbed down. Just take a sword and hope to be Kirito .
Step 1: buy cheap daggers
Step 2: throw the daggers

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Do you like delicious cows, anon?
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I truly do. Especially when they have short hair and glasses.
Here. Fap to this.
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Don't just post a link to a blog-site.
It absolutely makes it just look like advertising.
Give a snippet why anybody should want to read what the sakuga-twitter circle is blogging about.
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Every time
It's an interview you fags

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Now that the dust has settled, why didn't One Piece get invaded by the furry fandom?
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Because wan piss is trash and even furfags acknowledge that fact. Sort of why furfags don't read Tezuka, even though only his art was bad and not the story.
Oda was always a closet furfag
What OP is really asking:
>"Where is all my damn porn?!"

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>promotional artwork are all girls
>pv only show the girls cast
>all the materials before the show broadcast only shows the girls
>MC actually a guy
why japan always do this?
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I remember Taboo Tattoo was like that. Early promo pics all had the grey Saber in hot pants.
Because girls sell, men don't.
Nobody wants to see the guy, what are you gay

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