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Time for Lilie.
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Mallow > all
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Lilie a cute

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Are you ready for the Christmas announcement tomorrow?

There's surely going to be a Christmas or NYD announcement, right?

Let's pray it's more character or tank details.
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More GuP stuff is always welcome.
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I pray we get a little something as a Christmas 'gift', even more single word hints as to who and where the new characters are would be great. The detail I'm waiting for the most now though more than anything is where Alice is transferring to, but we all know we aren't getting that information till the OVA actually airs!

Fuel my speculation, Mizushima!

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Post the objective best girl from her series.
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I miss the old Chitose, straight from the go Chitose,
Chop up the soul Chitose, set on his goals Chitose,
I hate the new Chitose, the bad mood Chitose
The always rude Chitose, spaz in the band Chitose,
I miss the sweet Chitose, chop up the beats Chitose,
I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Chitose,
See I invented Chitose, It wasn't any Chitoses
And now I look and look around and there's so many Chitoses,
I used to love Chitose, I used to love Chitose,
I even had a egg t-shirt, I thought I was Chitose,
What if Chitose made a VA about Chitose,
Called "I Miss The Old Chitose"? Man, that'd be so Chitose!
That's all it was Chitose, we still love Chitose,
And I love you like Chitose loves Chitose.
Heh heh.
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Momoka sigh.jpg
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Is Momoka a tomboy?
No. She's just really close with women.
I want to marry Momoka.

Not enough Momoka love in recent episodes has me down.

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Merry Christmas, Cocona!
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Merry Christmas, Cocona.
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christmas tree.jpg
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Merry Christmas!
If you look at it right that looks like a goat.

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ITT: Anime literally no one remembers

Lost and forgotten:
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>Popular anime that was recommended all the time
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What is the point of this character? Why are they hyping him up so much?
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because he's One Kick Man
More importantly, what is the point of this tournament arc? What is the point of this Murata original shitshow?
>hurr durr ONE is writing the stories
Why is he ruining the original story that made him big in the first place?

>there are multiple giant centipedes
>Psykos is not the boss of the Monster Association
>the S Class hero development is all over the map
>Fubuki's stand in the MA arc has now less impact after she went up against BDSM Whore
etc etc.
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I stopped reading for a while, came back, still like it but am tired of this tournament arc already.

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If they made a Hyperdimension Neptunia anime, which game should they adapt? Trying to do multiple titles in 12 episodes would probably be difficult.
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>If they made a Hyperdimension Neptunia anime
They did, stupid.
Pretty sure I would have heard about that.
One 52 episode adaptation per game. I will accept nothing else.

January-December 2018: The original Neptunia
2019: Neptunia Mk2
2020: Neptunia Victory
2021: Neptunia VII-II
2022: Whatever the 5th mainline game is (same for 2023 and game 6, etc)

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>last episode
>subs just came out
>this is the only thread

No surprise, the thread turnout matches Chitose's fan base number.
The show would be more popular if Momoka were the MC.

What did these two do to become so bashful around each other?
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Ruined Nanoha franchise
It was their first time.
fucking their boyfriends and now asking for a swap to try the other guy.

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>the characters never figure out Bites the Dust on their own
>Bites the Dust is only a thing for a bit, and then it isn't, despite its godlike power
>Josuke spends more time using his Stand's repair ability for combat tricks and scamming people, than for actual detective work finding Kira
>Kira never insults Josuke's hair, pushing him over the edge, as part of the final battle
>Jotaro and Koichi end up being the ones who defeat Kira
>Tonio and Yukako, the Lock guy and the marionette guy basically get forgotten about until the very end, despite being part of the group who swear to bring Kira to justice

Don't get me wrong, DiU is great, but why did Araki drop the ball here?
I need a young kira spin off

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>You are a conductor on the train to Suomus
>Enter passenger car
>See this

Wat do, /a/?
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Bury my face into Sanya's while sticking a finger inside Eila's. Make Hikari wait her turn.
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I can't tell if Eila was trolling Hikari, or sincere.
Finns seem to really love their salmiakki.
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>This was my reaction to trying salmikki for the first time, too.

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Why can't any of you faggots get along?
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I would at least expect Saberfags and Rinfags to get along, what with those two eating each other out on the weekends and all.
Why did you even bother including wormslut? This is a debate between Saber and Rin, don't drag that trash into this.
Saber is old and busted. Pic related is new hotness.

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/a/ reaction images
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There is no Zarc but Zarc and Yuya is his messenger!

Merry Zarcmas, /a/ !
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Dear Santa Zarc,

I want you for Christmas. I have been a very naughty duelist this year and would love it if you could come on over to punish me properly.

Turn End,
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>she predicted Zarc literally seasons in advance
>nowhere in the final moments at ALL

Did the writers just forget about her?
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Reminder to tuck in your Minerva in and tell it a Christmas story.

You are a yugioh fan, aren't you?
You do have a minerva, right anon.....?

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