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Likely the last thread before the big day.
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>No mail on Eve or the day itself
>0 gifts, 1 card received

It's fine. Totally fine.
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Sorry to hear that anon.

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>Why read/play the manga/game/VN when I can just watch the anime?
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Why the hell is there so much steins gate shit now?
I played both vns and watched the anime, yeah it's great.
But there's like 3 new threads everyday on it now, even threads on /sci/ and stuff etc. Why now? Is it all because of the release of 0?
Yes, though, this isn't really a shits;gay thread, just a thread about faggots who refuse to at least check out the source material.
>why play the game
>why should i get different storylines

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Post characters that you can destroy in a fight
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all of them at the same time

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What do you think of S̶u̶g̶a̶w̶a̶ Kurosawa Maiko?
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Best girl

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So how did he get half of Ashford academy lusting for his D?
He's reserved, awkward, and outside of his clique he barely interacted with anyone
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Think of why Edward from Twilight was (still is?) so popular with teenage girls, then remember that Lelouch has bishounen sparkle.
Good looking, above average grade, member of the student council, cares for his >blind sister
Smart, Rich, and Bishounen, I can't think of any harem MC who is like that aside from Lelouch.

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So how exactly did he get away with killing 10,031 Misaka clones?
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Bad writing
They were just clones, so its not like its murder or anything.
Do people care when they kill ants or spiders?
No, because they're fucking everywhere.

That's the reason, making clones is illegal itself so you can't punish him for killing them


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This is the OP of the year, there is literally no debating this, no other OP from this year tops this
>is catchy
>has great visuals
>great melody
>was animated in a way it could work in reverse for bites the dust shenanigans
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Haven't watched Part 4 yet.

Did they still took western music as EDs? If so what are they?
>that version that plays during the final episode featuring all the previous singers of all previous OPs

"I Want You" by Savage Garden.

Lesbians in non-yuri series
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Nice rec thread, /u/
They're the worst kind.
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Going into surgery thinking of Saber

Post waifus
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I hope you die~
Arturia is Arturia, love her anyway

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Does nobody like Papika anymore?
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Her "I've loved you since the day you were born" quote really touched my heart.
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Can Yayaka save the show from how bad it's become?

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I just can't take this artstyle seriously, /a/

Why was this damn show so beloved.
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Because not everyone is as shallow as you
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because it's fucking good maybe watch it for yourself to find out
>people now think it's okay to shit on dated anime for their old art style
Neo-/a/, everyone.

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Uh...Trunks? In their world they did countless evils too.
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Yeah, like... shoplifting that one time.
Yeah, like that time they kicked our asses because Vegeta was picking a fight with them and... That time when they... Said bad stuff?
They also stole a car.
And I think resisted arrest.
And... uh, disturbed the peace?

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What's the appeal of this manga?
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Dunno. I forced myself once to fap to "yuro" picture with these two but felt unpleasant.
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The faces make me almost uncomfortably erect.
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A shame about Marys unattractive body. She's got a beautiful face and legs but that's about it. She's almost a 2D Taylor Swift.

You can go on an adventure with one of them.
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Right, since I want to know what it's like to be raped by a woman.
Jeanne, it is time to retake the Holy Land and make France great again. Hopefully at some point God decides to let her be chaste in the marriage, husband and wife loyalty sense rather than "I can't have sex with anyone" sense, because I'd marry her if I could for sure.
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Can't I just go on an adventure and marry Medusa in the end?

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14days and 6 hours left until our no-pan goddess is back.
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I'm glad the ED for season 2 is extra comfy again. Does anybody have the name for it?
Link to listen?

Season 1 ED was ungodly comfy
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