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Ay girl (?) you look like you could use Bofa.
awww shit looks like someone has been performing too much bestiality

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so what made /a/ hat attack on titan?

was it because it became normalfag tier?
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I don't know what it has to do with hats, but it sucked.
Probably, though /a/nons will have a legitimate reason to hate on it when season 2 breaks the board next year.
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christmas did, silly

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What's her endgame?
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Sugar baby to Hotaru, despite being older than her.
getting raped and killed in the countryside

Do pantyshots excite you?
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no im not 15
Nothing excites me. I am sexually dead due to the cornucopia of pills I'm on for depression, ADD, schizophrenia, and HIV.
Not yet.

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>there are people on /a/ RIGHT NOW that masturbate to their waifus
Defend yourselves oh wait you cannot.
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So a waifufag is just a pussy worshiper?
I haven't, my waifu is from a popular show and is fairly popular herself but has no good porn for whatever reason.
I've never fapped to my waifu because I don't see her as a piece of sexual meat. I'm quite proud of myself!

This is a game designer
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me too
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this is BETA tester
>this is beta bitch.

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Am I the only one that appreciated the Director's courage to end Aldnoah Zero with a mediocre but realistic ending? I mean, they had the greatest build-up and can really end it with the most poetic (but unoriginal)shounen ending yet they pursued the political, uneventful ending which no show has ever done.
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If you sift through any pile of garbage you might find something of worth, but in the end it's still garbage.
no you're not
wow an aldnoah zero thread, I haven't seen one of those in forever

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Does Shinkai hate Kubo for his lack of attention to visual detail?
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>is hack who leaves backgrounds blank on purpose
>demands and makes wallpaper tier backgrounds
But anon he leaves them blank so we can IMAGINE the background.

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Sig is objectively the best assault rifle and you must have shit taste to disagree.
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She's a bitch.
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>choosing anything other than freedomgun
god damn commie
>no FN FAL girl


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Why are Mexican openings so fuckin good?


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wena nido
Construir parede

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Just finished watching, I feel like I know who is going to win but I want someone else to win. Do you guys think shaft is ever going to finish the series with a season 3? The last episode was only released a year ago so I feel like there could be a chance.

>Pic related best girl
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Reminder that Marika won by getting with Y-san and ignoring shitty raku
You sound new to anime, OP. How long have you been here on /a/?

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> Summoned along with his friends.
>Secretly a great magician (story works conveniently that he pulls alot of magic out of his ass)
> Alot of this world's magic suck compared to his.
> Even btfos one of the best magicians.
> Refuses to be involved in doing the dirty work to fight demons along with the other heroes.
> Eventually harem in the current raw.
> For some reason, this series is cursed.
And now it has a manga. Go figure. Another isekai. What next? Reincarnation into an inanimate object? Maybe that will get an anime.
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There is already a sword and vending machine reincarnation.
As someone who read that shit out of curiosity
>Girl around his own age joins him as a companion
>magically gets turned into a loli at the end of volume 2 for the sake of pandering
Wasn't it less that the world's magic sucked, and more that it had been hyperspecialized towards nuking giant monsters, and sucked at anything that wasn't that, whereas magic in the modern world was geared more towards research, utility, and combating other humans, particularly other Magicians?

I don't know why but I really hate this girl.
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She's horrible.
I like her butt.
Double dubs confirm. She's the worst k-on.

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I am not a bot
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