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If 17 and 18 have unlimited energy why don't they help Goku charge a spirit bomb?
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They were dicks
You're going to look like a fucking moron when the limit does get reached.
Kys, last time there were 3 different threads because everyone was too lazy to make one before the bump limit.

Rem thread?

yes please
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Should I watch that anime for Rem?

If that's your fancy watch it for her

Decent anime overall

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What is your opinion on maidragon's vol7 cover art?
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I just want a translation of it

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New episode of Sakura Quest in several hours.

Dunno about you, but I myself am pretty disappointed with this show, at this point watching it only out of some warped sense of duty. It's not particularly well-written or well-drawn, there's nothing smart or eye-catching to it, even the initial Shirobako-like anime premise just isn't really true. It's an Abe propaganda show, nothing more, nothing less.
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why are you reposting this all the time, do you honestly delude yourself into thinking its witty or insightful?
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Maki hasn't been spanked enough as a kid.

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Is Kaguya chapter 75 raws out yet?
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Leaving a reply here just in case
Spoilers when?

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itt: claim your waifu

1 waifu per person
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>facebook filename

Jesus Christ neo-/a/ is filled with disgusting normalfags ironic weebs.
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alice liddell.png
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Remember, that Stella's only crime was that she loved. May she find exoneration. And maybe vindication.

What do you think of the Gen 4 TSFs?
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Reminder that Total Eclipse had the best ED by far,

I want to spoil Vivi and Lise.

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New episode soon
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Happy Kushida makes me happy

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I just mistakenly finished season 2 thinking it was season 1 the entire time, fuck.
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Now you get to watch a prequel and see how they got to that point
Not really worth watching though, since you already saw Satone you've already seen the best this show has to offer, might as well spend your time on something else at this point.
I've got all the time I need, I was just a bit surprised at first on how contrived the whole chuuni thing is in the first episode and was a bit confused.
I feel like if I did see how Rikka and Yuta were fleshed out in the first season, their relationship would've gave me a much greater impact in the second season because I thought they were adorable. Feels bad, man.
Don't joke like that anon

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Post 'em
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No YT since it seems all YT links have been deleted.

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time for truth. will the masses nowadays accept this format of anime?
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Hell no, they are too spoiled now.
Maybe in an ironic "dude look at how gay the white haired guy is XD" way

You know ironic weeaboos isn't /a/ shitposting, they're real
I thought OP meant modern otakus

Annie fucking hates Reiner.
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Annie likes Marco!
She's just tsundere.

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> so HHEEZZree zhing-hat meks me hoolle
> I'm a kinda nice sausage, you

What is is with Nips and the English language? You don't hear me suddenly bursting into Chinese at the drop of a hat.
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No clue.
Bits of Guilty Crown lyrics are in English. But loads of anime features English words, spoken and written, and I just wonder why.
To be fair, you use horribly mispronounced Greek words all the time. Especially mythological or medical terms.

But yeah, it's painful to hear.

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Is this anime a really passive aggressive insult to its viewers or am I just not understanding something?
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If you have to ask then you are an ___
It's incredibly mean-spirited either way.

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Lucky Star thread
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i want to ***** with konata
Moeshit that ruined anime forever. Thanks to this we don't get good shows like Cowboy Bebop anymore. Thanks a lot KyoAnus.
it's your fault that you can't conceive the idea of irony

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