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case18 Rouge Morgue
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第6話「case18 Rouge Morgue」



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This is your threadly reminder that Chise killed her father for stupid reasons.
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What does getting hugged by Tohru feel like?
Like the icy grip of cold black death
Like love, Anon.

Like love.

I am the only person watching this show.
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Almost. (not quite)
is it worth watching?
At least they're getting back to the main plot now. It hasn't been that interesting the past few weeks whe it's just rehashing Gaiden.

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Did you?
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Ok, but where is the loli?
Yes please
That is NOT a loli. That looks like my mom for fucks sake

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Will Mirio stay a part of Izuku's life if he lives past this arc?
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Lady pose.png
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that is a big IF
I say we'll likely enter interclass/interschool training arc so the Big 3's role will be minimal, save for him being Izuku's senior-mentor. After that, the kids are moving up to second year and the Big 3 will graduate and go pro, making their role in school even more minimal

That is, until the kids starts doing real hero work with their licenses so they'll get to interact with more Pros. This is where things like Iida's family hero agency, Endeba, and the big 3 can play a larger role

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>black guy dies first

Wow, Araki, seriously?
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and nothing of value was lost
Abdul is Arabic not black
If he's black, then I'm black.

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>mfw some /a/nons actually fell for the [email protected] meme
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So do these idol girls in [email protected] and Love Live make any money being idols?
It's not a meme it's an anime, faggot.
>he fell for the Aqours cash grab

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Reminder that not even Armin's parents wanted him and abandoned the pig.
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Ready Steady can't hold me back
why did you make this thread?
armin has his dad's eyes, oh my god

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I fucking love it.
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Me too.
Same here. One of the few series I actually reread multiple times over the past years (partly since it's quite short).
its alright

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The more 熟 an anime/manga cake, the more delicious she is. So why don't they get more love?
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You people belong on >>>/his/
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Winning is loving.

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Here's my list:
1) Tokyo Ghoul
2) Attack on Titan
3) Death Note
4) Boruto
5) Umaru-chan
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dumb frogposter
Deleting the frog image has not made this a good thread. Please come back and delete >>160925718.
>be mod in 4chan
>see cancerous recommendation thread
>just delete the image
>earn hotpockets
Why is this allowed?

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Reminder that Kato is best girl of the series and that the other two are trash.
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But Megumi boring and shit.
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Utaha > Mayu > Megumi > Michiru > Izumi >>>> trash >>>> Eriri
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Eriri > Megumi > Izumi > Michiru >>> Utaha

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Precure thread
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Oh boy another aoi op.
>new Druggie Cure doujin incoming

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I just finished Black Butler Book of Circus and I'm amazed at how much more compelling a story it is compared to the original anime adaptation.
Of course now I want to continue but I'm hesitating between picking up the manga or watching Book of Murder because there's no french dub of it yet.
At what chapter does the circus act end?
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>At what chapter does the circus act end?
Why don't you just go to the wiki and find out? It took you 20 minutes to figure this out?
I haven't engaged with Black Butler in any way beyond the original 2 seasons. But I need to know one thing:

Is the person at the very back, with the white poofy hair, parasol and white dress, a male or a female?

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them takaos
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Take genes best genes.
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Where is Roka?
On the left to the side of Chitose.

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