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>Biggest anime franchise currently out there
>Every single girl is a slut

What the hell I thought Otaku were purityfags?
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>>Biggest anime franchise currently out there
That would be Naruto or One Piece or maybe Detective Conan. Anyway, it's certainly not Fate.
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Wow. This is cute. CUTE.

I want a 26 year old Japanese office lady!
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I want to sweep a lonely and depressed office lady off her feet
My first thought was "Is that Jean cheating on Nadja?"
I want to too!

But I live 400 miles away from the nearest city.

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What is your ideal imouto?
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Irl imoutos are a fucking pain in the ass
She has to be cute and um

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>will probably be eaten by her brother
How shit can one's luck be?`
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Is Blackbeard going to be the final boss of One Piece?
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Blackbeard used to be the coolest guy in One Piece but now it's Kaido. Kaido looks and acts like us irl
No, that's going to be Shanks.
Why would Shanks fight Luffy?

Post the best Yuruyuri!
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You got it, boss
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Best girl and pairing.

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What was Reuenthal's principal mistake?
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Not being a little girl.
Being born
Hiring people who would inevitably betray him.

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Make or request /a/rt
Previous thread >>160864397
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Requesting extremely perturbed Sophia and Akiba's Trip politician dressed as Dangerous Beasts.
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Ikishima Midari..jpg
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I want to request my beautiful Ikishima .
-on the beach wearing bikini posing confident with a smug or blushing looking embarrassed
-doing something cute in a sexy/suggestive way .
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Requesting meaty Mito Ikumi getting literally spitroasted by Souma, dolcett style:

Shit, didn't even know this existed, is the movie any good?
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Lurk more.
It's yesterday's hottest kind of cool.
It's alright

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You have any source for that?
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I think it's better this way anyways.
If that's the case the fanbase would be more cancerous than it already is

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Why are blondes so best?
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I wondered what was wrong with the image. It was waifu'd. So that's what it was.
I couldn't find a larger original on the nip site.
Still, I'm looking forward it.
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I just finished this. Should I tell people I liked it or disliked it?
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nice begining, stupid end....
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It's a nice, comfy anime.

Chamber is best boy, Amy is best girl.
smoke heroin

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New PV is out.
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>Anime that basically portrays half of SS esque nazis as sympathetic people with a dark past as an excuse for their actions

This is gonna be great
None of their past actions are excused though.
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>yfw Toei BTFOs Kyoani on the same adaptation
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only meme-spouters consider that all of Toei's works are QUALITY, yeah, their cash-cows look terrible most of the time, but that's expected since long runners will face it at some point, regardless of the studio, and when you know that people will eat anything with DB or OP stamped then why stress your best animators with it, outsource it, save some yens and invest them in your originals which are the ones who make more money for the studio, they are just smart with how they use their personnel
No matter how many times you make this thread, Toei's Key adaptations remain abominations.
Except Toei's Air is still better than KyoAni's Air.

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Was it rape?
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Why didn't he kiss her feet?
Not everyone can be a footfag like you anon.
He was hesitant to kiss her in the first place because she stank. Her feet probably smell worse.

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