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Who is the worst TM MC and why it's Emiya Shirou?
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It's a tossup between Sieg and Ritsuka imho.
name a single good thing tm has ever shit out
>worse than sieg

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>New Game
>Princess Principal
>Kira Kira Precure
>A Centaur's Life
>Yuri NTR
Is this the most lesbian anime season of all time?
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Take off your goggles, /u/.
You mean the most yuribait season?
Notice that they're all quality shows. You also forgot to mention Hinalogi and Action Heroine
Meanwhile hetshit gets low-quality trash like Smartphone, Gyaru and Koi to Uso

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ITT post shows that pretend to be about promoting family values but actually are just about glamorizing incest and pedophilia
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so what
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Why can't they be both?

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Could lore fags illustrate me on this scene? how and why did mistress shiki end up trapped here? if so how did she manage to escape¿?
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It's from this. It doesn't happen in the story.
I was aware but I thought it was some kind of subtext thing, apologies. I overthink sometimes
No problem :) It's just a scene they inserted in 7th heaven to be mysterious or special, but doesn't really mean anything.

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Will Izuku's arms ever get restored to their original state, or will the consequences of going Madman stay intact?
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Well, whose arms were broken?
He is fucked
He keeps kicking for maybe about 6 months while his arms recover, then doesn't overdo it again and he'll be fine aside from all the scarring.

Gaiden has begun
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How much original anime-only story will be in the Gaiden?
6 episodes

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Gaiden has begun.
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its just sad
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Wait is this an edit or did Sakura actually put her picture ontop of a separate Sasuke picture?

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your mission should you choose to accept it is to form a team with four of or agents and wait for further instructions. Choose wisely.
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What exactly makes the free world free?
what is this, a game?
currently running anime

seems it's going to get a game adaption (which is funny I though it was the other way around).

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Krauser is my God even though he's the Devil.
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Do you think Josuke will attain the grafted Rokakaka?
I think Jobin will find a way of getting it before him. Maybe Karera will show up and tell him that there is another one that Kira was keeping hidden.
I just don't see this whole Rai ordeal paying off.
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Why do you love your most favourite JoJo?

I don't know where to begin with my love for Gappy.
Yes, no

Karera will probably be relevant but I don't think she'll team up with Jobin at all
Why didn't _____ just _____?

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These girls are not lesbians, they're just very close friends.
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i miss these kind of shows where they just best friends, nowdays all we got is yuribait.
Yumi is a lesbian in my opinion
except Sei

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yugioh censorship.jpg
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ITT: Censorship in Anime
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Jelly donuts in Pokemon were a bit stupid but photoshopping guns and replacing them with air is just as idiotic as it gets. Fucking 4kids.
I can remember in Maison Ikkoku people got drunk with orange juice. You people have no idea of how France butchered anime. Only contempt and racism towards the Japanese can explain such disrespect of the original authors.
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>americans not having guns
Thats just unpatriotic as all hell

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Shingeki High spin-off soon
I wish
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Reminder that Armong's parents tried to leave without him.
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>retards acting like the balloon couple being confirmed as Armin's mentally challenged autistic parents means him being a Tybur isn't possible
If anything, that just strengthens the possibility. Where'd they get the technology to build hot air balloons from? Did they base it off the zeppelins they saw flying around Marley? Were they planning on going back to Marley after being spies or fleeing the clutches of, perhaps, their royal Tybur family, leaving Armin in the care of the former king--his grandpa?

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Pig Elf.
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Chubby alf!
How many fried potatoes do I have to feed her to become cute and plump?
Uncensored scans when?

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
morning koume <3
What should I eat for breakfast?

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