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I love this woman so much, I want her to protect me.
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Erza is hot as fuck but Cana's better.
I love daddy's little girl as well but Erza just seems like she would make a perfect dom wife.

If anything, she'd like you to dominate her.

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Is this an accurate depiction of working in Japan? They're surprisingly casual. Like Silicon Valley startup casual.
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Somewhat accurate except the part where an unskilled graduate gets a job straight away, everyone is a cute girl and not having shitty people at the workplace.
Maybe, most would probably be more male staffed but you could have a happy comfy work life.
Really it depends on wheather you like your job. It can turn lovable quirks into legit reasons to kill.

That said there is always going to be bad days at any job and 5here will always be that one person who pisses you off by breathing.
>sleeping at work

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Would you take care of your waifu's child?
Even if it wasn't yours?
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My waifu would never have a child with another man
That doesn't answer the question the question is a yes or no one.

As for my answer, no.
Keep telling yourself that

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I want to turn this smug face into a daughter
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Hell yeah, healing time.
It's that time of the week again?
Shit I meant I want to turn her into a mother.

Post anime characters that are literally you
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that is a dude
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>When I wear pants, I'm a boy!
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Who was best boy?
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when i was 15: hiei
now that i'm 25: kuwabara
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Even since Middle School, Kurama
To be fair. Most of these dudes are pretty cool. Kuwabara is probably my favorite, but Kurama savage.

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Why did no one go to her birthday party /a/?
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That's depressing whoever that was.
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Yun yun needs more love
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yunyun birthday.jpg
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>obvious brick inconsistencies
I like this image better

>Her entire plot is about living up to her place as heiress of her clan, but is never really resolved
>Is forgotten
>Her relationship with naruto never gets developed in the anime itself
>Ends up being trophy wife to the protagonist

Damn, kishimoto really fucked up her character she could had been really interesting
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Sounds like real life
File: then_she_died.jpg (138KB, 720x408px)Image search: [Google]
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You're kidding right? There was more development in the anime than the manga just through the filler episodes and the movies, on top of the regular episodes that covered the manga content itself. If anything the anime did a much better job than the manga in this regard.
>Her entire plot is about living up to her place as heiress of her clan
I thought it was becoming a stronger person, iirc. "X could have been better" applies to so many things, you should accept that the writer couldn't. Just about every girl became a housewife. Both Nardo and Hinata are trophies anyway.

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This honestly didn't get enough doujins
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Tsumugi literally cannot be for sexual EVER!
Where there is a will there is a way anon!
Just add a little splatter of cum and some blushing effect and it's perfect. Not too much blush though

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Do people actually enjoy this shit?
Why the hell do they keep making material with ugly guys going after pretty girls? It's disgusting.
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That looks like something from Azazel-san
I enjoy it.

I'm ugly so it's a fetish. What's that anime?
It's funny you say that OP because I think most guys in anime are ugly as shit. Even the ones that are labeled as "attractive". To me they all look like really skinny 12 year old boys with the gayest fucking hairstyle. Not to mention I can't help but see them as Japanese despite being drawn ambiguously and as we all know, Asian men are ugly as fuck. A lot of characters tend to look alike so that's another negative.

Basically what I'm saying is stop bitching when all of them are ugly and not the ones they tell you are ugly.

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i think idolshit is pathetic but that is some fine ass bitch

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
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made me laugh out loud
The things I would do to that squid...

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So is he Jesus?
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He's Sakamoto, haven't you heard?
hes a yokai

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What did Rock see under her skirt?
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A damaged child
File: 1784279428.png (6KB, 500x569px)Image search: [Google]
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Solid color pantsu.
This. Also a postop tranny cunny.

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Einhart won, right?
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Whoever won, we lost.

Nanoha is dead.
It was worth it
VSfags hate Nanoha and wish to see her dead, who would have guessed.

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