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There are people who dislike Rebellion
Shiggy diggy /a/
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homu is best girl this movie proves it
I'll be honest, story is good.

The girls are cute and kept me hooked in though.
I don't dislike Rebellion. I dislike that shitty sequel bait ending.

This is my girlfriend Izetta. We're on a date right now.
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I'm very happy for the both of you.
I'm happy for you Fine
congrats op

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I feel classic anime doesn't get enough appreciation on this board. Post your favorites pre 1985 and why you love it so much.
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sorry you must go to retro anime board for those
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Ashita no Joe 2

>The cabbage looks good but everything else in this scene looks like fucking garbage.
This had to be intentional.
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That's a small cabbage
お前って 本当 に バカ だな ぁ
From me

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>It all returns to nothing
>I just keep letting me down
>Letting me down
>Letting me down

How do I stop thinking these lyrics over and over

Why does EoE stir up latent depression so effectively.

It's been a year since I first saw it and I just started thinking about the Kom Susser Tod sequence and can't stop.
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>Why does EoE stir up latent depression?

You are emotionally stunned and cannot express yourself.

Watch more anime.
I've finished at least 50 shows and as many movies.

EoE is still really impactful

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>gyaru cooking manga

What can Japan pull next at this point?
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Ask that again in 2018.
Gyaru podracing manga.
Gyaru shogi manga.
Gyaru bungee jumping manga.
Gyaru mahjong manga?

why is he so gay?
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Not everybody has an eldritch abomination fetish.
We can't see what she truly looks like. The cute moe appearance is just a trick our brains do to keep us from going insane... or maybe we already are.
Mahiro is a stronger man than us.
He wants to hold onto his San points.

Are you fucking kidding me. Did they just open up in nipland?
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Can't blame them, nips love baga.
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my carls junior closed AND IM IN FUCKING CANADA
first one opened up in akihabara last year, apparently, and there was a huge line

What if Chuck Yeager was your girlfriend?
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Id rather Francesca.
P. sure that's illegal, even in a godless place like Italy.
Nothing is illegal if you're a made man.

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What would be the reaction if this aired today?
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/a/ would call cockblock any actual discussion besides arguing over who the best waifu is and the general thread would be full of MAL cancer and yurifag/fujoshit tumblr shipping cancer. I know this because it applies to literally ever single anime airing today.
1) "fujoshit" and idiots not watching
2) "Yurifags BTFO"
3) "DROPPED seasonal waifu is a slut"
Basically waifuwars and then "I don't get it" every episode.

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>tfw no new Keijo today
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here I was thinking, two of the goketsu were already defeated. The second one being defeated so quickly could mean that the manga sales really didn't improve, and that the series is nearing its end.

But.. what if this isn't the case? What if.. by some chance, Miyata has shown to be putting a lot of effort in her wins (against Rin, Nanase, and then Naki), while Mio has consistently won without being scratched (with her training in Kyoto being the only known exception), only playing more seriously against Hikaru? (compared to how she played in the East/West war)
another question is, Hikaru could flip and break what seems to be a 50t land, and she's not even the bear grill. Makes me curious about what she can do.
I can see it run easily for couple more years. We have to keep in mind this tournament is pretty much a great exhibition event. Even with goketsu losing here, wont matter a bit for their real position, only put a (small) dent to their prestige. And they will be much more prepared for their next meeting.

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its this anime really worth watching or its just a meme?
Sort of a meme. In fact, this show has way too many memes; the threads are nearly unbearable.

It's watchable if you wanted a wehraboo anime however.

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Why japs use cg in anime?
Jesus fucking christ everything i see cgi i cry Blood, what the fuck is this shit
I watched the berserk Trilogy and my god It looked like the mii from fucking Nintendo Trilogy
How can they have such bad taste? Don't they realize that It is not beautiful?
Don't they realize that what people love are the actually drawings?
Mamoru Oshii ruined Ghost in the Shell with those fucking cgi scenes
Kizumonogatari looks like a fucking dark souls intro
The latest berserk anime looks like fucking mii war
I'm so angry
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>Why japs use cg in anime?
The same reason almost all western animation and live action movies use it.

Good CGI is CGI you don't notice, it's CGI used for certain background effects or background characters you barely pay attention to. Bad CGI is Berserk, an anime that thinks CGI is a good replacement for actual animation and effort.

In my eyes, it's merely another tool in an artist's toolbox and not a replacement for anything he had previously. Just because you have a spraycan doesn't mean you should throw your paintbrush out of the window, because if you try to do everything with a spraycan you'll end up with shitty graffiti instead of art.
Etotama S2 when?
They are retarded, QUALITY looks better and is actually cheaper.
>using a CG car in a single still frame
What the fuck are they thinking?

>favorite fight
>favorite characters
>favorite arc
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Is the entire series translated yet?
I mean the manga
the original is
if you want to read the series here's a link to it http://www3.mangafreak.net/Manga/Kinnikuman

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How is Onihei?
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Good shit.
Pretty good.
Pretty good overall.
Few issues with visuals but other than that it's pretty good.

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