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Everything was so obvious from the get go but why does it feel so genuine and shocking when its finally revealed?!?
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Why did you upscale it so much?
What is this a screenshot for giant ants

is there a way i can customise screenshot sizes in the settings?

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Why is it that most Shonen manga/anime skip the important Dragon Ball phase of adventure and skip right to the Dragon Ball Z phase of power level wanking?
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Most don't.
DBZ is more popular
Naruto really went to shit fast after the Zabuza arc because of this.
They should have had them go on at least 3-4 more missions like this so we could see more of the world and the main characters could have more chances to train and grow before just becoming absurdly powerful out of nowhere

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kyoukai no kanata.png
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This show is pretty fun.

Why does it receive so much hate here?
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tambler je guwno 2.gif
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Because it's popular
posting best girl
People get mad that a mediocre show has better animation than their favorite anime.
Because it was labeled as one of those animes where a mentally retarded character falls in love with another mentally retarded character and your forced to read the manga to find out it doesnt change cus they are both retarded to a point their romance never blossoms, and your stuck with an anime about as generic and hand shakers.

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Would you marry a cute bat monstergirl?
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Monster girls are literally fucking trash tier, they're all fucking shit.
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>Chapter 3 never
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>Going to a public bath together
That's lewd even for /a/.
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Public baths are a cultural thing.
Lots of people do it in lots of countries.
File: Bath culture.webm (1MB, 720x405px)Image search: [Google]
Bath culture.webm
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Was this character designed by Kantoku? Looks like his style

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Would you headpat this loli?
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What does traditional Japanese used condom candy taste like?
of course
and then i'd finger her

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In the HQ letter, Krone was promoted to the Mama of the fourth farm. The position opened there for unknown reasons and Isabella recommended Krone who was then chosen as suitable. Grandma will pick her up at the Gate, so Isabella tells her to get her baggage. Isabella smiles and tells her to do her best at the new farm, but Krone sees all of this as a trap. The letter seems to be fake and the HQ is planning to deal with Krone as Isabella suggested them too. Before being killed by Mama, she plans to overcome her. Krone gets to the Gate and shows Grandma Ray's note, revealing that a jailbreak is about to happen. But Grandma is uninterested and says that it's not a big deal as long as Isabella handles it. [Looks like that kind of stuff happened quite a few times before e.g. with Isabella herself] Apparently Isabella is more useful to them than Krone is. Krone understands that Grandma and Isabella were working together from the start and Krone never stood a chance against them. A huge Demon Arm reaches out for Krone.
Krone's Memories: Krone drops her pen and picks it up during a lesson. Krone checks out the Gate. There is some mathematic formula written inside the cap of the pen so she hides it in the desk next to her bed. She thinks that she has to defeat Isabella. She remembers the children and hopes they mangae to escape as she'll be killed by the demon in front of her.
The next day, 13:00: The children decide that they may need to escape tomorrow, 4 days ahead.
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Emma a cute like always
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Krone got bamboozled
File: 491-3.png (2MB, 1148x1160px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1148x1160px

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Space Adventure Cobra.jpg
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Golgo 13 The Professional (US).jpg
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Robot Carnival.jpg
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You misspelled best.
Sera best grill
You have to be pretty fucked up in the head to hate a cute and innocent brat. Did you grow up without loving parents or what?

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Why is there no kono shima anime? This is a masterpiece.
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There isn't really that much source material and the manga is just now getting into the meat and potatoes.

Also, why is Ichirouta such an asshole?
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Anime series have been made with less. Theres plenty of chapters out anyway.

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you will never find joy in life
Read the rules and regulation before you spout stupid bullshit like that or I assume you're underage

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Who is the best redhead and why is it Maki?
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I can name you like 5 redheads that are better than Maki. Maki's fucking trash.
File: 2731.png (1MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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>we'll never get an idol that will be better than Maki.
Can't tell if this is a good or bad thing.

This is Tama.
She is from the anime Gintama and it wouldn't be Gintama without Tama because then it would just be Gin.
Say something nice about her.
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Oh, that's why it's called that?
her cunt probably smells like motor oil

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Should more anime use this artstyle?
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File: cheeky motoko.png (863KB, 686x547px)Image search: [Google]
cheeky motoko.png
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only if they're gritty spooky horror anime for people who like goth rock and darkwave

if they aren't, this here is the artstyle they should use:

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Akiyuki Shinbo will personally tell you about all the symbolism in the monogatari series BUT you can never have sex again
What are you doing?
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Having sex with shinobu
File: 1364337544590.png (534KB, 950x470px)Image search: [Google]
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>BUT you can never have sex again

Where do you think you are?

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