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What do you think of female overlords?
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She scared me when she transformed. I wish I didn't know about it.
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>Overlord Shalltear
Nothing would please me more.

How is it possible for one girl to be so gay and the other to be so dense? When are they going to bump donuts?
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Any good straight Ayaya doujin?
When Ayayaya stops being so beta

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What's the best in your opinion
My favorite is suzuka
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Love Hina I guess
but nowadays hentai makes better romance than anime
sad but true.
anyone live in cal for some gay action? i have aids but we can use condom lol

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Are these accurate statistics or bunk?
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How did they get them?
Of course they're bullshit. What kind of madman masturbates at school and on the roof no less?
>he doesn't masturbate on the school roof

Let's cuck together!
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Mo sugu shinu no hito
thanks senpai
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>Mo sugu shinu no hito

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Little Witch Academia
Code Geass S3
Attack on Titan S2
Is anime saved?
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from what
I'm too hyped for AoT S2, I don't give a fuck what you guys say.
>Code Geass S3

So many times where false information was spread about a supposed season 3 that when the real news came I couldn't believe it
fucking hyped tho

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I can't believe beta MC did not end up with the best girl.
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Did the mangaka kill himself yet?
Pretty sure he has.
Is that teh rei

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>best Anime of 2016
>best boy
>best couple
>best opening
>best ending
>best animation
>most heartwarming scene
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Wrong on all counts. Shit thread.
no u
>no u
where the fuck are you from? 2010?

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Jonathan (strongest jojo) vs Kenshiro
Who would win in a fight with no powers.
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kenshiro is about 3 times jonathan's size
Kenshiro, obviously.
No way man

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Attention Dowman Sayman fans: I bought the latest Young Champion Retsu that has his new serialization, Babylon. Mostly because it has a color page, and it might be a while before the tank comes out.

His other Nickelodeon-esque series, Melchanolia, starts in Ultra Jump tomorrow (which gets an ebook, which I'll post rips for). I might buy the first chapter of that, too, if there's a color page. Otherwise I'll just post the ebooks.

Both Restu and Ultra Jump have terrible paper quality. Oh well.
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OP you are a great man.
Oh cool, I was going to see if I could translate Melancholia from the ebook raws if I liked it enough but wasn't sure if Babylon raws would show up since the ebook release is delayed a few weeks for taht.

Melancholia will have lead color by the way, and two chapters this month.

I might buy the print issue, like I said. I don't have much experience with Ultra Jump serializations, but they'll probably greyscale it for the tank.

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Live viewing locations for the Aqours 1st Live have been announced.
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The only song I like from Sunshine is Strawberry Trapper
Who thought it was a good idea to abandon the old love lives and replace them with shitty carbon copies?
People with taste.
Sunshines are more likable overall.
And not JAV sluts.

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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What does it feel like to transfer mana to Kuro?
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Probably pretty draining after the initial pleasure of cumming inside.
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Tastes like chocolate.
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For one, her lips should feel pretty soft

Griffith deserved it for not being able to control his dick.
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He may have gone too far in a few places.
storywise i feel like griffith's downfall after guts left couldve been done a little more gracefully, something that made guts a little more responsible for griffith's downfall. something like griffith sending out a search party looking for guts and abandoning his political duties, and then while on the verge of losing his political power he fucks the princess as a last ditch effort or something.
>not being able to control his dick.

so basically he was a muslim?

>Draw a Aryan girl
>Call it a Turkish pasha (male)
Why is this allowed?
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Because that's the way the Turks likes it.
Most of the Turks didn't aware of the manga till anime got announced, but yeah, Turks are pretty much shotacons, especially the pro-AKP people since they like the Mahmut pasha already.

Though some think "he looks like nothing turks lel, he looks eunuch from Sultan's harem"

Which is kinda ironic because its true, some Sultans did promote their fuckboys into Pasha, even Grand Vizier position
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Can some anon translate this?

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