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/a/ characters everyone loves
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>Hardworking, cheerful, honest, strong, pays his deal like a responsible man he is, will cuddle with you and more

Has Donovan any downsides?
Ew freaking ugly

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How come this hasn't been topped yet?
And I'm not talking in terms of sales.

Spirited Away is the pinnacle of anime, despite what contrarians might have to say against it. It's visually and musically beautiful, and the story, despite its flaws, strikes a chord in both kids and adults.

It's been close to twenty years now, so why hasn't Japan been able to top this masterpiece?
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>First half is fun, engaging, and memorable.
>Only good part of the second half is the train scene
>Ending is shit

Yeah great movie what a masterpiece
I barely remember it, only ever watched it once and that was more than 10 years ago.
I prefer Only Yesterday myself but I also agree that it is one of the best anime films to ever be made despite the hate Miyazaki gets, his only other films that come close to it are Mononoke and Nausicaa.

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Why do weebs love this shit show again? The MC is self insert 30 year old dead beat who wants to fuck a literal 10 year old instead of some prime time legal teen pussy.
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Sexual interests aside the show is pretty shit
you losers really need to find another way of saying "this character is shit"
I thought everyone agreed that this was shit.

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Holy fuck this OP is so good. Might be one of my all time favorites and it just came out. Too bad the show hasn't hooked me as much just yet
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I just couldn't get into it. Even though I have enjoyed a lot of slow-moving seinen stuff in the past, I couldn't really grab onto it.
What are some things that have drawn other people in?
I feel the same honestly. I felt like I was almost falling asleep during the first episode. I'm gonna give it a few more episodes though
yeah I know what you mean
hopefully it will pik up soon

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steroidy wtf.png
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Is he taking steroids?
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>taking steroids
No. Those are most likely dietary supplements.
Supplements. There's no way the ottermode MC is on gear.
They're dietary supplements. Read the sticky on /fit/

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Thank you, OP.
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Much appreciated

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>get an anime spoiled for you
>lose all desire to watch it

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Is only happens when you watch shitty anime.
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Shinsekai Yori is the worst example of this for me.

I could tell that the first episode was the beginning of a great story but I had no desire to continue with it. All of the show's intrigue just disappeared for me since I already knew that the squealers used to be human.
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>get an anime spoiled for you
>its the only reason you're watching it

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What new info for S2 do you think we'll get in this month's magazine? It says Volume 12 will be released on March 20, will it confirm Megumi's victory?
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Hopefully more Eriri to close up loose ends.

Who is this gorgeous girl?
inb4 THK's falseflagging and a shit post.

Is this the biggest anime slut?
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Tokyo Tower is much more sexual than her onee-chan.
she liked it
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Onee-san > Imouto, this is a universal rule.

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>Naruto is the flagship anime of an entire generation
How will /a/ ever recover?
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I'm glad I was born in the Dragonball era.
>Naruto is the flagship anime of an entire generation

How? One piece sold more, even AoT is more well known. Besides, original Naruto was an okay manga, it's just that shitpudden went of tracks
>even AoT is more well known.
One Piece sold more in Japan (afaik I'm basing this off of like 2011 stats so I could be wrong now) but globally Naruto left more of a mark.

I also liked Naruto as a whole I just think there were a lot of extreme mistakes. Its way better than garbage like Bleach though.

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Post ITT
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You first.
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The apex of cutelewd
Suzuha is the semen demon
Mayuri is for cuddling
Kurisu is just okay

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A facehugger is busy impregnating Umaru with a Xenomorph embryo!
What shall we ever do?
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>xenomorph umaru

I want to see it so bad.
Prepare a party for new babies.
ded mim

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Same place as Index 3.
And haruhi 3.
And Code Geass R3?

A heartwarming show about idol boys and their underwear.
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Why are these boy group shows always so repetitive and interchangeable?
I don't think girl group shows are that bad.

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Nene is a sweet girl
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I'd ask for her root password if you catch my drift.
Season 2 when?
Nene is a DORK!

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