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So this is the pinnacle of japanese literature.
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More like global literature

Quads confirm senpai. Based Jap cunts.
How often have you made this thread now?

A wild DIO appears in front of you, wanting to MUDA you and the anime protag from the last show you have to your side.
What happen?
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I start to suck his cock with Shadow
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Autism is super-effective against Dio. He's fucked.

I just watched GARO - DIVINE FLAME -

Let's talk about how fucking good this movie was and how the series is an unappreciated masterpiece.
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Well, you pretty much said it all with that.
I prefer guren no tsuki.
Not enough scenes of Emma flirting with Leon.

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Pic is
Why is girl's manga so comfy to read?
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Screwed up my typing.
Theres rice stuck in my keyboard.

I meant to say the artist is Kyoko Shitou.
>Your mom's manga collection
A rather fringe topic, isn't it?
I can't imagine this thread thriving.
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>Don't have an /a/ mom
At least thats how I first get into manga

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I think those who still don't have a waifu and is in the market for one should really consider taking Vigne.
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>used goods
No, thanks.
Delete this
>a literal succubus
>succubi are known to live off of virgin semen


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Let's all love Lain.
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Let's all love Ain
If Lain was Omnipresent, could she leave the planet? The solar system?
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nendo when.jpg
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This is your stadium tonight
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I'd rather post in this thread than the other.
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Every single DB thread ever:

Anime vs Manga autism
canon vs non canon sperging(japan has no concept of canon, you are arguing over nothing)
POWERLEVELS worst kind of discussion due to it all being head canon. It is confirmed power level pondering leads to fanfiction writing.
Super vs GT (shit vs shit =shit)

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Dumping ch53 raws
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Chapter 13 has been here for a couple of days, still not translated. Next chapter will be released on February 6th.

Where the hell is the translation?


Momiko is a lolicon, right?
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Lolicons are not real.
They are just a made up enemy, a lie that parents came up with as an excuse to keep their lolis for themselves.
Christ, I've seen both "Mamika" and "Momiko" now
Her name is Mimika. Mi-mi-ka.

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Enju going to the last page do not bother her!
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Not on my watch, best loli!

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Is Kinzo Ushiromiya the all time best example of the "troubled bad boy with a heart of gold" archetype?
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He fucked his daughter.
didn't he also fuck his daughter-daughter?
No. His grandson fucked his daughter-daughter though.

This family is fucked up in all kinds of ways.

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Mariko best girl, if you disagree I'll kill you and then myself.
I certainly agree. She's the kind of girl who should have much written about.
i.e. of porn

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manga vs anime? Which one is better?
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Anime has better pacing and structure of events.

Manga has less filler.

Both have good and bad qualities.
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Manga is infinitely better.
As someone who read both, they're both great.

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Post long distance anime faces
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chaika hiipii pois langasta.png
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>/a/ will defend hajime no ippo
Shitty boxing manga that uses the same gimmicks and jokes endlessly, is Joe just the superior boxing manga? This crap isn't any better than free!
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But Free! was excellent.
>is Joe just the superior boxing manga?
Yes? Why is this even a question?
Joe is a heinous criminal who cripples his opponents.

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