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Im doing it for Galko. What about you /a/?
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All day, every day.
Sluts thread?

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What did Japan mean by this?
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What are the x and y axis supposed to mean?
It's shit. Sunrise have consistently produced far more than plenty of the studios to the right. Literal nonsense. PA Works and KyoAni more works than Sunrise, when?
I guess they have worked on more IPs than Sunrise did in the last few years.
Sunrise is bloated for a company whose only products are Love Live and Gundam.

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This shit's almost as bad as hiatus x hiatus. I swear I can't count how many times I've re-read it. Is anyone even still on this ride?
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Not me since I pretty much forgot what the plot is about now.
I am but damn... fucking 7 pages after 3 fucking months.
It's even worse since these were "now shit gets serious" pages. Tykki vs Nea vs Allen trying to break free. It should even hint us on why Tykki and Nea look the same.
God fucking dammit.
And no Road this chapter too ;_;
>7 pages after 3 fucking months.
Her hands is kill huh?

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You can really tell Anno is at his absolute peak while directing this, right after the success of NGE. I heard he did tons of research for it as well, i.e. visiting high schools, interviewing students and such.

It's too bad this is also the anime which definitely killed his interest in directing TV series though.

Is it his, dare I say it, magnum opus?
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>at his peak

Of autism.


Waiting to abduct a kid.

>magnum opus

That was actually Nadia.
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BD when
Never? Wasn't Kare Kano one of those ones that will never be remastered because of that flood ?

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What the fuck was this infinity ball's plan to reach terminal dogma? Same with Arael and Armisael. What's the point in mind fucking the Eva pilots if they can't reach Adam?
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top leliel
who cares
are you stupid or something
this wasnt show about robots or big monsters you trollglodyte
did you really not understand ending of this masterpiece
>if they can't reach Adam?


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Akari is the most protect-able anime character
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Yeah nobody can harass her when she can hide in plain sight so well.

Who were we talking about?
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what about rikka
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She can protect herself.

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An overrated character
true I like Ram better anyway

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>His imouto is taller than him
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don't go forgetting his ahoge
>all manlets but Kisshot with high heels
>tfw shorter than snail

Is there a specific reason why she's the best?
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tig bitties
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Then why is Mio so shit?
When do they fuck for real?

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ED of the season?

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I like me some THICC gothic lolis
OP of the season
ED of the season
Best character designs of the season
Best cast of the season
Best SOL of the season
Best animation of the season
Best anime of the season
This. TYBKA.

Can /a/ think of any manga or anime that Japan hates but the west loves?

The only example I can think of off the top of my head is Cowboy Bebop.
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Little Witch Academia
Little Wi... oh wait
All of tetsuya tsutsui's works.
Especially Poison City.

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Thread for the funniest manga in existence. Nichijou done right.
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I love everything about this but the noses.
Andou-san and chio are OTP
The artist did hentai, right?

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Gen Urobuchi's Godzilla main cast confirmed:


>Yuuki Kaji
>Takahiro Sakurai
>Mamoru Miyano
>Junichi Suwabe
>Kana Hanazawa
>Tomokazu Sugita

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>Yuuki Kaji
I hope my love for Godzilla movies will overcome my dislike of those two.
Its cool that they're making an anime movie that has a chance of success in the west.
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Disliking Yuki Kaji I understand.
>disliking HanaKana
How dare you...

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Why did they kill off the best character in the story?
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>amnesia theorists
what if it was all a dream?

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Was he a faggot? Or was it autism?

It makes me so mad, who would fucking refuse the Major?!
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Some people find the idea of fucking a machine distasteful.
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You actually made me reply. Good bait.
He's a kid. Many of 4chan should relate to being a scared little boy around the opposite sex.

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