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I'll watch it anyway
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watch it!
You will experience a crushing grief as you have never experienced before in your life upon finishing the series
Because Azumanga is the GOAT sol not kon.

Charlotte is shit and so are all European Infinite Stratos girls.
But Charlotte is especially awful.
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>Dunois Company was an IS company famous for its mass-produced unit
>Suddenly, a "male" (a Representative Candidate at that) appears in IS Academy claiming to be connected to it
So, no physical checkup, maybe some kind of background investigation? Not even a mention of this (no aftermath for something this scandalous/disgraceful) when Charlotte revealed that she was actually a female?
Tatanashi Sarashiki made this show.
>representing the worst country on Earth

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Seems legit.
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Seriously though, what this loli doing in the sewers? She doesn't even look dirty at all.
Anyone else started getting into classic rock because of this meme?
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Shinka is angry, what did you do?
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benis in mouth
Dempsey roll
She saw that some pathetic third world autist living in some mud shack kept spamming threads about her daily.

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Nyaruko-san is the greatest love story ever told.
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It felt like I was watching the earlier seasons of To Love Ru before Momo and Nana were introduced and the show turned into a semen extractor
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Cutest eldritch horror.
>genki eldrich horror fall in love with her tsundere half-human brother

Would /a/ rather have an imouto like
>Ui: Understanding, affectionate, and perfect in all domestic matters but is purely platonic and non-sexual
>Kirino: Demanding, judgmental, and abusive both physically and verbally, but bestows sex
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Kirino sounds like a prostitute when you say it like that.
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Brother-sister incest is always set during the high school year era because, and this is important, it's at best escapism and at worst unrealistically fetishistic.

Once you enter your mid-20s you start to realize "man, my life would be so much more difficult if I'd fucked my sister". Unless you live in a doujin world, I guess, but depending on your writer you might've fucked up more than just your gene pool.

So if that doesn't answer your question, I'm taking the first option and never looking back.
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Incest is immoral. Touma approves of Ui.

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Would you betray humanity in order to get your very own vampire loli?
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He became immortal AND got an eternal loli, betraying humanity is a small price to pay
maybe for arcueid
Absolutely. It's not like humanity ever did me any favors.

He's the love interest, right?
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Ursula's love interest.
Akko's won't appear till cour2.
Anything to make /u/ mad.
Whose? He's too old to be a love interest a student.

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It said at the end of Nana to Kaoru that a new manga was in the works, have we had any news to what that is yet?
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No ;_;
Why the fuck is the MC of this manga so froglike in appearance.
Because why not

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Time for stuff
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The other kind of interest

"Girls these days just touch their phones wherever they are"
"Isn't it okay if it's in private?"

"Well, Tsuda, you seem to like indifference eroticism, so you might like it"
"Touch touch"
[Body] Ass
"Rub rub"
"Don't guess st what my fetishes are, okay!?"
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Comic 1
Clean spirit


"You can't thoughtlessly eat anything that falls on a table"

"The desk is full of germs so it's surprisingly dirty"
"Make sure to wipe it before you eat"
"Is that so"

"There's also this thing that drips of soy sauce after you use it"
"So wash it before you put it in your mouth"
"Won't doing that make it dirty?"

Comic 2
Blazer + Blouse + Skirt

"So let's decide who's gonna be on duty next with rock paper scissors"

"We're doing this three times!!"

"What a coincidence!!"

"So you're not wearing panties either, Shino-chan"
"We're not stripping!!"

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What was his his fucking problem?
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Thanks doc
thanks doc
Vegeta was being a stubborn little bitch and was refusing to take his medicine.
He was just being a good and responsible doctor.

"It's fun because it's stupid" anime have no objectively quantifiable merits and should not be considered good.
Prove me wrong (you can't)
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Nothing has any objectively quantifiable merits, go back to being dead Jeremy Bentham.
Fun is fun and enjoyment is all that matters.

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Post cute anime red heads
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Do you mean red like the color red or like real red heads?
the latter
I think he means any sort of hue, where red is the predominate composition.

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Anyone reading this? Is cute and it has an OL.

Also known as Kawaii Joushi Wo Komajaplongtitle.
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You sadist fucks only like depressed office ladies, i forgot.
Is this still getting translated?
I haven't seen a new chapter in a while
I love it but I heard there will be a hiatus of some sorts.

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Strike Witches love is alive and well!
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We've already loved them enough, can we just hate the Brave Witches now? (except Hikari and Nipa)
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No. Let's just hate Silver Link.
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